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Jesse & Jenelle deJesus

“I want everyone to remember your wedding as the best one they have ever been to, a night to remember…” – DJ Haymaker

We were referred to Jeff, AKA DJ Haymaker, from our venue organizer and we could not be happier. Early on we requested his DJ services and over the course of roughly twelve months we were in constant communication. Jeff delved into how we met, what we were before meeting each other, funny stories and information about the wedding party and fun facts. Through these e-mails and phone conversations he delivered an epic Wedding Day and a truly wild reception that we still receive compliments on today. It has been dubbed by family and friends as the ‘bestest wedding ever’!

We did not have a solid idea as to who our MC was going to be, so Jeff offered, being one of his services, he made it a night to remember. Through his “Survivor” game, musical chairs, fun facts questionnaires and wildly fun games, the night was never stale and always in motion. He was able to unite tables that, even through clever seating arrangements, may not have chatted at all. And of course the music, a smooth array of every genre played that night and at any time the dance floor was always moving.

We could not be happier, even we were surprised at how the night turned out, even after we thought it was planned to a “T”.

Thank you Jeff for helping make the most memorable event in our lives, even better.

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Jeff HayJesse & Jenelle deJesus

Allison & Clayton Koganow

“I gotta feeling… that tonight’s gonna be a good night”

Jeff, those words continuously play through our minds and words can’t express how amazing our night was! From the moment we had met, we knew you were the perfect person to have our musical needs fulfilled at our wedding!!

It has almost been two months, and people are still messaging and talking to us about the night and how they wished it could happen all over again.

Clayton and I can’t think you enough for the incredible advice you gave us, in choosing songs that would reflect our personalities and the atmosphere! The games were a blast and had everyone on the edge of their seats, ready to rip a shirt off, just to get involved! The dance floor was on fire all night!!

I would highly highly recommend you to everyone wanting to have the most memorable wedding or social event!!

Thank you again and we will be sending pictures very soon!

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Jeff HayAllison & Clayton Koganow

Paul & Cherise Johnson

When we first started planning our wedding, we knew there was only one DJ in Kelowna who could really make our wedding spectacular. We both worked in the hotel industry (Manteo Resort) and had seen many weddings and many DJ’s so for us the decision was simple, we knew we had to have Jeff. DJ HayMaker is the undoubtedly the best DJ in Kelowna and so we knew that no matter what else happened with the wedding, our dance would be perfect.

Right from the beginning, Jeff was eager to help us with the planning including all those little details that we hadn’t even thought about. While it was clear he would be doing many weddings over the summer, he was nevertheless always available and always eager to help us with any questions we had. Our ceremony took place outside and thanks to Jeff we not only had beautiful music played at exactly the right moments, but the sound and microphones he set up were perfect, allowing our guests to truly enjoy the ceremony.

Jeff took care of so many details for us and helped to make sure that transitions flowed perfectly. Jeff knew we wanted our wedding to be a fun night that our guests would not forget and that is exactly what he delivered. To really get the party going we wanted to play the survivor game with our guests. I have seen this game attempted by other DJ’s but by far, Jeff does it the best. Music, hats, and interaction engaged all of our guests and drew some surprises when the most unlikely guests really embraced the games and showed us a whole new side of their personality. Throughout the evening the music was perfect. We gave Jeff a list of what not to play and a list of our favorites but in the end we realized he didn’t need this list at all because his ability to read the guests and know exactly what to play was spot on.

DJ HayMaker made our wedding reception a huge success. In our history of working at Manteo, never had we seen a dance floor like ours that was packed right until the end of the night. The only thing we could ask for is to do it all over again. Thanks Jeff for making our wedding the most memorable night!

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Jeff HayPaul & Cherise Johnson

Jennifer & Mike Carlson

Mike and I had over a year and a half to plan our wedding so we had lots of time to make sure all the details were taken care of. However, there were a few things that we wanted to make sure we booked early such as our reception location, photographer and most of all D.J.!

I initially thought of choosing Jeff when I saw him on Summerhill’s list of recommended vendors. After doing some research (checking out his website and talking to family members in the Okanagan) we knew he was the DJ we wanted and we gave him a call.

During our first phone call, Jeff’s friendly and professional demeanor instantly had us hooked. As we began chatting about what we wanted our reception look like and he provided us with ideas and suggestions (such as naming the tables versus numbers) we were sold. We sent him the deposit and booked him over a year in advance!

That fall my cousin got engaged and as they began planning their wedding he called and asked how I would feel if they used the same DJ (as I had told them that summer how I excited I was about Jeff). I thought that was awesome since this way we could see Jeff in action. In March they had a fabulous wedding and Jeff did a wonderful job of making sure the guests felt like they were a part of everything. Basically he aced his audition J.

As most couples will tell you the weeks before your wedding are the most stressful. We were no exception and we were both feeling a little overwhelmed when we met Jeff for our planning session. However, he instantly put both Mike and I at ease and began shooting ideas off us for games and song choices.

Our wedding was the most amazing day of our lives. I know this sounds cliché but it is true. After a beautiful church ceremony and countless pictures, Mike and I were ready to party!!!! Our reception began with us entering to “I Gotta Feeling” by the Black Eyed Peas which set the tone for the whole evening. And it was a great night!

Jeff’s games ensured that all the guests got to be a part of the action. They weren’t bored waiting for their table to be called at dinner and they absolutely loved both Newlywed and Survivor. Because some of my family members had played Survivor previously at my cousin’s wedding they came prepared. For example, one cousin had a speedo stuck down his pants just in case J.

The music was awesome! Everyone was up on the dance floor including my grandma wearing one of Jeff’s green masks. My favourite part of the whole night was during our first dance to “You and Me” by Lifehouse. While we were dancing Jeff suggested to our guests to surround us on the dance floor and sing the chorus and they all did!

The only compliant we have heard about our reception was that it wasn’t long enough. No one wanted to leave including ourselves because we were having so much! Thanks Jeff!

Therefore, if you need a DJ you must book Jeff!!!! He is absolutely phenomenal!

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Jeff HayJennifer & Mike Carlson

Brian & Janey Reilly

Jeff was fabulous to deal with right from day 1. During our first meeting he was excited, enthusiastic and very professional. He was ultimately interested in exactly what we wanted for our big day. The follow-up, the worksheets, the ideas and suggestions leading up to our celebration were very helpful–our music was important and he appreciated that. Who knew a DJ could be so thorough?!?!

Jeff had the crowd in stitches and rocking it out like nobody’s business. We told him that we wanted our guests to say “that was the BEST wedding I have ever been to”.. and you know what….we keep hearing that over and over. When he said he had “games” we were a little bit worried as we thought they may be cheezy (sorry Jeff–it’s true! Lol) –they were not at all! They were amazing and he executed everything flawlessly and with a smile on every face in the crowd.

I don’t know what more to say about the big day, the joy and hilarious moments…..except that my sister took off her bra during Jeff’s “Survivor game”, my mom had a mullet, one of the groomsmen was wearing a heavyweight champion belt and my uncle frank who walks with a cane and just had a hip replacement, did not get off the dance floor all night long.
Jeff worked closely with our MC…so closely, that in fact, we didn’t even need one–he had it all going on.

My husband and I thoroughly enjoyed working with Jeff and since have recommended him to anyone and everyone. He was worth every penny–we know he is more moola than the others BUT there really is no comparison. It’s all about good times, good tunes, and making sure everyone has a blast. He did that and more.

Jeff was diligent in making sure he listened, took notes, and delivered what we wanted….we got married in a barn and he followed our request to not play any country! Now that is a good man! We know it just about killed him.
Thank Jeff! You made our day! Now only if I could get the dirt off the bottom of my dress from dancing on that barn floor all night long!

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Jeff HayBrian & Janey Reilly

Matt & Kristen Cleary


We can’t thank you enough for all your help making our wedding truly unforgettable! It truly was an amazing day that we could not had done without you!

From moment one, you were available to us for any question we had, you were are DJ, MC and wedding coordinator all in one! Your knowledge as well as your confidence and enthusiasm helped make our special day run smoothly. You really were are secret weapon for all the fun! All the guests had a blast, the games really got the party started…(I think it was the hat collection) and the music was a perfect mix to get everyone up to dance!

Thank you Jeff for being an amazing person, your love for a good party really shines!

All the best

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Jeff HayMatt & Kristen Cleary

Rhett & Charlane Nykiforuk

Thank you thank you thank you Jeff,

Everything was fantastic!

Rhett and I had an awesome time, and I think our guests did as well!! You know how to throw an excellent party!!!!

It was just so much fun, I don’t know how I’m ever going to have another day to top it!!!!!!

Thanks again!!!

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Jeff HayRhett & Charlane Nykiforuk

Kelly & Ryan Bruce

Jeff, as you can imagine planning a BC wedding from Ontario had its challenges – working with our DJ was not one of them! Your help from day one in planning our beautiful wedding is very much appreciated. We loved how you were able to bring all of our guests together comfortably to enjoy themselves while getting to know each other. All of our guests at one point or another have commented on how great DJ Haymaker was, how unique our wedding was, and how much fun they had on your behalf – the objectives we set out together for our wedding were definitely surpassed.

Thank you for helping make our special day so memorable for everyone who attended.

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Jeff HayKelly & Ryan Bruce

Shannon & Dylan Christensen

Thank-you Jeff for making our wedding such an amazing and memorable event! It was the rainiest day in Kelowna’s history and you really made it shine. You helped us find the best songs for every part of our very special day,and helped us all relax and have a great time. We loved the games and the dancing, and having you as our MC was the best decision we made- we had nothing to worry about all night, it was perfect! Our friends and family all told us it was hands-down the best party they had ever been to and how they wished it could happen every year 🙂 You were a huge part of the best day of our lives and we really appreciate all the hard work you did to make our
night complete.

Our wedding was also a very special night because it was the last night of my dad’s life, as he passed away the next morning while hiking at 9am. We had a beautifully orchestrated father-daughter dance, a combination of ‘Daddy’s Little Angel’ with an old favourite of mine and my dad’s, ‘Twist and Shout’ to create the best first dance I could have asked for. He told me right before we left that it had been the best, most fun, night of his life and was so honoured to have been part of it. I have to thank you for making this such a great night for all of us, especially for my dad who was taken from us too soon…

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Jeff HayShannon & Dylan Christensen

Greg & Jennifer Browne

A week after we got engaged, my best friend told me “first and foremost – book your DJ!!!”” DJ Haymaker was highly recommended to me from a few people so I called Jeff! My excitement soon turned into disappointment when he was already booked for our wedding day. He did not hang up on us though – he said “Even if I can’t DJ at your wedding, I am going to help you get a great DJ… I will not leave you hanging!” Jeff emailed us that day a list of DJs that he considered to be the next best in town. Five phone calls later – Five other already booked DJs. Feeling a little distraught – I took Jeff up on his offer to help if we weren’t having any luck. So I called and reminded him who I was and that he was already booked but had given me a list of five other fabulous DJs to call. I told him I was calling to see who was #6 on his referral list? He asked me to repeat the date for him, his reaction: “Wow – I had a cancellation just 48 hours ago for that very date!” We were beyond thrilled – we booked Jeff and everything was taken care of as of that moment…

Jeff is not only a DJ – he is a behind the scenes’ wedding guru, planner, pro, god! Next he emailed us lists of referrals for recommendations on florists, photographers, and even wedding commissioners. We appreciated everything Jeff gave us for advice, every suggestion he made was simply that, a suggestion, he wanted to help us to create ‘our’ day. He asked us what we wanted people to say or experience at our wedding. We could only come up with one word – FUN. We wanted to have people say that it was the most FUN that they had ever had a wedding. And he delivered that is exactly what guests at our wedding said in the following days. Even 2 months later, friends and family are still talking about our FUN wedding and our AWESOME DJ!

Our favorite thing about our families getting together is that they like to have a great time and are always up for laughs and games. The Newlywed Game, Survivor and the Table Quizzes were the greatest. They broke the ice, got people laughing and having fun getting to know each other at a table – you know the table of those strays – the bride’s boss and his wife, the groom’s former co-workers from previous jobs, and the bride and groom’s stag friend – all at the same table. Hardly a few words or smiles shared until the games came out. It was awesome – especially the trunk of HATS.

Events, even weddings, never seem to go off without at least one glitch. Somehow we managed to neglect to inform Jeff of the change to one of our songs for the ceremony. So about 10 minutes before the ceremony Jeff asked Greg was there anything particular that we wanted to walk out to? Greg told him the song and checked in with Jeff a few minutes later to see if he had it. Jeff smiled and gave him the thumbs up and said “Just downloaded it on my phone”.

Everything DJ Haymaker did was so slick – Greg and I both new that he would be a great DJ – but we had no idea how AMAZING of a DJ/Wedding Planner/Coach/Entertainer/Friend that Jeff Hay is and how much more he brings to your wedding experience. His expertise is untouchable. Jeff is soooo in tune with his bride and groom that he reads every step before they are taken. He had every next move planned out and every one of his suggestions was as if he was reading our minds.

Jeff, thanks for everything you did for us up to and including our wedding and for the memories that we and every one of our guests left with that night after we all partied the night right to the very last minute… never wanting the night to end.


Jennifer & Greg Browne

PS… I have a feeling that we will definitely being seeing more of you, because since our wedding every one of our friends wants to have you for a DJ in their future weddings.

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Jeff HayGreg & Jennifer Browne