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Brian & Janey Reilly

Jeff was fabulous to deal with right from day 1. During our first meeting he was excited, enthusiastic and very professional. He was ultimately interested in exactly what we wanted for our big day. The follow-up, the worksheets, the ideas and suggestions leading up to our celebration were very helpful–our music was important and he appreciated that. Who knew a DJ could be so thorough?!?!

Jeff had the crowd in stitches and rocking it out like nobody’s business. We told him that we wanted our guests to say “that was the BEST wedding I have ever been to”.. and you know what….we keep hearing that over and over. When he said he had “games” we were a little bit worried as we thought they may be cheezy (sorry Jeff–it’s true! Lol) –they were not at all! They were amazing and he executed everything flawlessly and with a smile on every face in the crowd.

I don’t know what more to say about the big day, the joy and hilarious moments…..except that my sister took off her bra during Jeff’s “Survivor game”, my mom had a mullet, one of the groomsmen was wearing a heavyweight champion belt and my uncle frank who walks with a cane and just had a hip replacement, did not get off the dance floor all night long.
Jeff worked closely with our MC…so closely, that in fact, we didn’t even need one–he had it all going on.

My husband and I thoroughly enjoyed working with Jeff and since have recommended him to anyone and everyone. He was worth every penny–we know he is more moola than the others BUT there really is no comparison. It’s all about good times, good tunes, and making sure everyone has a blast. He did that and more.

Jeff was diligent in making sure he listened, took notes, and delivered what we wanted….we got married in a barn and he followed our request to not play any country! Now that is a good man! We know it just about killed him.
Thank Jeff! You made our day! Now only if I could get the dirt off the bottom of my dress from dancing on that barn floor all night long!

Jeff HayBrian & Janey Reilly
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