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Jennifer & Mike Carlson

Mike and I had over a year and a half to plan our wedding so we had lots of time to make sure all the details were taken care of. However, there were a few things that we wanted to make sure we booked early such as our reception location, photographer and most of all D.J.!

I initially thought of choosing Jeff when I saw him on Summerhill’s list of recommended vendors. After doing some research (checking out his website and talking to family members in the Okanagan) we knew he was the DJ we wanted and we gave him a call.

During our first phone call, Jeff’s friendly and professional demeanor instantly had us hooked. As we began chatting about what we wanted our reception look like and he provided us with ideas and suggestions (such as naming the tables versus numbers) we were sold. We sent him the deposit and booked him over a year in advance!

That fall my cousin got engaged and as they began planning their wedding he called and asked how I would feel if they used the same DJ (as I had told them that summer how I excited I was about Jeff). I thought that was awesome since this way we could see Jeff in action. In March they had a fabulous wedding and Jeff did a wonderful job of making sure the guests felt like they were a part of everything. Basically he aced his audition J.

As most couples will tell you the weeks before your wedding are the most stressful. We were no exception and we were both feeling a little overwhelmed when we met Jeff for our planning session. However, he instantly put both Mike and I at ease and began shooting ideas off us for games and song choices.

Our wedding was the most amazing day of our lives. I know this sounds cliché but it is true. After a beautiful church ceremony and countless pictures, Mike and I were ready to party!!!! Our reception began with us entering to “I Gotta Feeling” by the Black Eyed Peas which set the tone for the whole evening. And it was a great night!

Jeff’s games ensured that all the guests got to be a part of the action. They weren’t bored waiting for their table to be called at dinner and they absolutely loved both Newlywed and Survivor. Because some of my family members had played Survivor previously at my cousin’s wedding they came prepared. For example, one cousin had a speedo stuck down his pants just in case J.

The music was awesome! Everyone was up on the dance floor including my grandma wearing one of Jeff’s green masks. My favourite part of the whole night was during our first dance to “You and Me” by Lifehouse. While we were dancing Jeff suggested to our guests to surround us on the dance floor and sing the chorus and they all did!

The only compliant we have heard about our reception was that it wasn’t long enough. No one wanted to leave including ourselves because we were having so much! Thanks Jeff!

Therefore, if you need a DJ you must book Jeff!!!! He is absolutely phenomenal!

Jeff HayJennifer & Mike Carlson
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