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Of course not! As a DJ, my number 1 job is to read your crowd and deliver a great party. I will always be evaluated by how packed the dancefloor is! So whether I’m playing music from the 50s or the 90s or music on the charts right now, I see music as a tool and a packed dance floor is all I want! During the planning stages of our event, I will learn more about you and your music tastes as well as who will be there, their ages, and the possible music interests. I want everyone to leave our event saying the same thing – HE played AWESOME music!!

  • I pride myself on my ability to read a crowd, remain the background figure that keeps the party rocking, yet keeps the attention on the bride and groom. Many couples, once they get to know me, ask me to be their Master of Ceremonies, to keep things flowing, smooth, and running on time!
  • For certain events that require high energy, such as New Years, I can be animated and outrageous, engaging and motivating your crowd. It all depends on the event and your desires.
  • Always professional, I’m an entertainer with the personality and enthusiasm to energize your crowd.

OMG, of course I do. I am troubled and somewhat disheartened that this is still a question I get asked. Love is Love. Are there really DJs and wedding vendors that do not want to be a part of certain weddings? I want to help people celebrate love.  I want to help create incredible memories for all of my happy couples. I have been a part of many same sex weddings for years and will continue to embrace all people. I feel like I am on my equality soapbox now but I am always honoured when couples find and feel a connection with me and want me to be a part of their day.

Love is Love

  • I am proud to be the first DJ recommended by the top wedding venues in the Okanagan, including The Hotel Eldorado, Summerhill Winery, The Harvest Golf Club, Sparkling Hill Resort, Bottega, Gallagher’s Canyon, Manteo Resort, La Punta Norte, Okanagan Golf Club, The Grand Okanagan, and Summerland Waterfront Resort!
  • When they have important clients and their reputation on the line, they need a DJ they can trust and depend on to provide a great party. An amazing successful party reflects well on everyone!
  • I have hundreds of testimonials from recent weddings and parties along with email addresses. I have secured their permission for anyone to contact them directly with questions and for an account of my personality, professionalism, and DJ service. Please do! I’m proud of the memories and experiences I have helped create and would love to do the same for you! Call me today!

I have been spinning music and entertaining since 1997 in my early days living in Whistler.  In 2000, I moved to Vancouver and continued to DJ weddings as well as corporate/private parties as I got my degree in Broadcast Communications from BCIT. A dream job in Radio brought me to Kelowna and I have never left!  Beginning in 2006, I added Game Show host (for BC Lotteries) and Motivational Speaker to my job titles. I now MC and DJ close to 120 events a year and love it! Who wouldn’t love a job surrounded by happy people on a great day with my only role being to ensure everyone leaves saying the same thing, “Best party ever!!”  You can read more about me HERE in my bio

My packages depend upon many factors – including what I can help with, the date of your event, the number of people, potential travel costs, and size of venue.

My rate is based upon my personal service, talent, and experience. I will be helping on your wedding day but also in the weeks and months leading up to the day. Peace of mind has great value. You should enjoy the excitement in weeks leading up to your wedding, not to be stressed and anxious.

When talking about DJs and rates, there is a huge range of experience, equipment, and abilities. Some do this fulltime and others do it as a hobby, so the lowest quote doesn’t ensure quality professional entertainment and may not send your guests home in awe of how amazing your wedding was!

Once we get a chance to talk and share ideas, I can easily send along more information to give you a sense of the packages I offer and the depth of planning we would need for your successful celebration. But to give you a ballpark, prime day rates and packages for weddings do start at $2495+. Other types of events (corporate, anniversary, birthday, school dances) start at $500 and go up from there. Best to set up a chance to talk so I can share more about the value.

I am certain that my rates are higher than most, and I do not hide from that, but I do believe that your investment in me comes with a lot of help planning, experience (60-65+ weddings a year – 120 events a year), and peace of mind that your party is in great hands and you and your guests WILL be raving about your wedding/party for years to come!

Please give me a call at 250.764.2424 or perhaps email [email protected] to set up a time to talk!

I look forward to talking more with you!

You bet! I have performed country weddings on the ranches of Vernon, to ceremonies in the gardens of Summerland and the beaches of Naramata. I have done many events at the top of Whistler Mountain and at Harrison Hot Springs. My limited availability is the usually the biggest factor in deciding my ability to travel for a great party!

  • You are pulling together the people closest to you from all the chapters of your life – all under one roof. Your guests will have driven or flown in from all over the world and they want to celebrate. We want to send them home with an amazing experience and great memories from your celebration.
  • I know exactly what it takes to deliver the party you want, and the party all your guests want too! I have the experience, intuition, and passion to energize your party and plug into the positive energy that is already there! We both want your event to be the one people talk about for years to come.
  • Together, we will plan every detail so that YOUR fingerprint is on every part of your celebration. I have many creative ideas to share with you to help make your reception fun, unique, and memorable. My only goal is the same as yours – to have everyone of your guests saying the same thing, That was the greatest weddingparty I have been to!
  • Since my business has been built largely on referrals I rely heavily on excited guests at my parties having a great time and telling their family and friends!

Of course!! I usually help with ceremony music at 95% of the weddings I look after – everything from background music as your guests arrive, to music for your ceremony, help cueing people on when to walk, as well as cordless mics for any readers and perhaps most importantly a lapel mic for your ceremony officiant – so that EVERYONE can hear the words at your ceremony.

I can also help you choose the music and ‘vibe’ for your ceremony – a ceremony that matches your personalities. From the traditional “Canon in D” to the not-so-traditional “Sexy Back” or “Hockey Night in Canada” theme song, I can easily supply you with some song ideas for YOUR trip up and down the aisle. You choose the music and I’ll make sure your ceremony is unforgettable.

Yes, absolutely!!   For most weddings, I am not only the DJ but also the MC so I I want to meet your bridal parties and VIP family members in a less ‘stressful’ setting on a less intense day.   I want them to get a feel for me as well as gather any extra fun facts and stories (*just clean ones) and song requests for the party!

I love helping at the rehearsal with ideas as I have seen many weddings ceremonies and love being a resource.  I also bring a giant Bluetooth speaker with your ceremony music cued so we can run through the music (if you want to) so that we have our cues and timing perfect!   As long as I do not have an event at the time of your rehearsal, then I am there!

Yes, aside from belonging to the Professional DJ Association of Canada, every year I purchase an AVLA license to play recorded music.
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  • You bet! This question is very common. You are booking my service based on my experience and talent, and I will be the individual at the microphone and playing the music the day of your event.
  • When we plan your night, we are in constant communication. And since we are not meeting for the first time on the night of your event, you will be much more comfortable knowing that I understand your vision for your night. Your peace of mind is worth it!!

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Of Course!!

  • If you need an MC or perhaps music for your ceremony, I’m happy to help. I usually provide music and mics for 95% of my weddings ceremonies and MC about 40-45 weddings a year!
  • In addition, I have attended and worked hundreds of weddings over the years and as a result, I can be a useful resource during your event planning. I know what a successful wedding looks like and I am happy to share creative ideas! I want to help you achieve THE wedding that everyone talks about forever!

Absolutely! I have everything we need for a great slideshow – a digital projector, screens, media players etc. As far as the audio for your slideshow, I can either play the music ‘live’ as the slideshow is being shown OR I can hook up the audio from the slideshow laptop or DVD player to play through my system for all to enjoy! I have seen some amazing slideshows over the years and would be happy to help with ideas for your big show!

Absolutely. I always have a system for wedding ceremonies and then my main system for the dance party. I have full back-up systems in my trailer for everyone’s peace of mind, especially mine! I even have backups for my backups!!

I have everything we need for a great party! And with today’s technology (Itunes), there is nothing I cannot get – no request to obscure!

Remember, I want a packed dance floor so whether it is Rock and Roll, Country, 90s, 80s, or Top 40 – I will give your guests a great set of their favourite songs! Plus, I have a intuition and experience to know what to play and when to keep changing the music!

I want everyone to leave your wedding or event saying the same thing, What a party! I loved his music! – and so for everyone to say that, I need to respect and read (and play) different music interests!

NEVER!! Many inexperienced DJs make this fatal mistake! I pride myself on never having the music at an inappropriate volume. PERIOD.

It’s amazing how many compliments I get on just the perfect volume level!! No matter how great the music selections are, if the music is too loud, no one enjoys anything! But believe me, it will be a rocking dance floor!

Are you crazy? I think that’s incredibly unprofessional!!

  • I’m at the reception hall and set up long before the expected arrival of your first guest.
  • By the time your guests arrive, I have done a full system check to make sure NOTHING is going to go wrong, and changed into my proper attire.

Absolutely… I’d be a fool not to!! It’s your night!! A night for your friends and family to party and celebrate…

Then they won’t ever get played! Period!

  • For me, this is extremely important. If you tell me not play a specific song or even a specific type or style of music “It will not be played”.
  • It’s important that you feel confident with my service and my promise to fulfill your event requirements.

I’ll play anything you want me to!! If there are any special songs, special to your family or nationality – just let me know and we can arrange it – it’s your night!

Of course!! Just let me know what you need…

Got more questions?

Contact me with any questions you have, any time of day!

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