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Greg & Jennifer Browne

A week after we got engaged, my best friend told me “first and foremost – book your DJ!!!”” DJ Haymaker was highly recommended to me from a few people so I called Jeff! My excitement soon turned into disappointment when he was already booked for our wedding day. He did not hang up on us though – he said “Even if I can’t DJ at your wedding, I am going to help you get a great DJ… I will not leave you hanging!” Jeff emailed us that day a list of DJs that he considered to be the next best in town. Five phone calls later – Five other already booked DJs. Feeling a little distraught – I took Jeff up on his offer to help if we weren’t having any luck. So I called and reminded him who I was and that he was already booked but had given me a list of five other fabulous DJs to call. I told him I was calling to see who was #6 on his referral list? He asked me to repeat the date for him, his reaction: “Wow – I had a cancellation just 48 hours ago for that very date!” We were beyond thrilled – we booked Jeff and everything was taken care of as of that moment…

Jeff is not only a DJ – he is a behind the scenes’ wedding guru, planner, pro, god! Next he emailed us lists of referrals for recommendations on florists, photographers, and even wedding commissioners. We appreciated everything Jeff gave us for advice, every suggestion he made was simply that, a suggestion, he wanted to help us to create ‘our’ day. He asked us what we wanted people to say or experience at our wedding. We could only come up with one word – FUN. We wanted to have people say that it was the most FUN that they had ever had a wedding. And he delivered that is exactly what guests at our wedding said in the following days. Even 2 months later, friends and family are still talking about our FUN wedding and our AWESOME DJ!

Our favorite thing about our families getting together is that they like to have a great time and are always up for laughs and games. The Newlywed Game, Survivor and the Table Quizzes were the greatest. They broke the ice, got people laughing and having fun getting to know each other at a table – you know the table of those strays – the bride’s boss and his wife, the groom’s former co-workers from previous jobs, and the bride and groom’s stag friend – all at the same table. Hardly a few words or smiles shared until the games came out. It was awesome – especially the trunk of HATS.

Events, even weddings, never seem to go off without at least one glitch. Somehow we managed to neglect to inform Jeff of the change to one of our songs for the ceremony. So about 10 minutes before the ceremony Jeff asked Greg was there anything particular that we wanted to walk out to? Greg told him the song and checked in with Jeff a few minutes later to see if he had it. Jeff smiled and gave him the thumbs up and said “Just downloaded it on my phone”.

Everything DJ Haymaker did was so slick – Greg and I both new that he would be a great DJ – but we had no idea how AMAZING of a DJ/Wedding Planner/Coach/Entertainer/Friend that Jeff Hay is and how much more he brings to your wedding experience. His expertise is untouchable. Jeff is soooo in tune with his bride and groom that he reads every step before they are taken. He had every next move planned out and every one of his suggestions was as if he was reading our minds.

Jeff, thanks for everything you did for us up to and including our wedding and for the memories that we and every one of our guests left with that night after we all partied the night right to the very last minute… never wanting the night to end.


Jennifer & Greg Browne

PS… I have a feeling that we will definitely being seeing more of you, because since our wedding every one of our friends wants to have you for a DJ in their future weddings.

Jeff HayGreg & Jennifer Browne
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