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Lisa & James Hiibner

Hey Jeff…

I want to send a HUGE HUGE HUGE thanks to you for an AMAZING kickass party!! OMG… we had soooooooooo many comments about what an incredible dj we had.. and how they have never been to such a fun wedding! And that was commented on many many times!!!

The party… the music..the games.. omg the hat trunk.. was deffinitely loved by all… you are one hell of an amazing man…and if we were to do it all over again we would for sure get you..and would recommend you to absolutely everyone… we have already had many questions about you..for staff parties etc… I cant say enough thank you’s for the job you did… I just seriously think you are the most amazing man(outside of my new husband of course!)… I could really go on and on and on.. because this was THE BEST wedding ever.. not just because it was ours.. but.. heck..we didn’t even want to leave… hence why we stayed till the end as well… you sure know how to throw the best party ever!  Having Jason and Billie recommend you..and having only just met you once prior..didn’t even scare us!! This was the best move!!!! All our guests.. from young to old couldnt stop laughing at what you cooked up for us all with your games… AMAZING…and .. as we wanted people to say at our wedding… HOLY F&CK.. best party ever!!!!!! We really didn’t want the night to end!

Thank you..thank you…thank you…and even more thank you’s from us to you!!!

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Jeff HayLisa & James Hiibner

Brandee & Jay Atkinson

Thanks for everything you have done for us. You where more than just a DJ as you meet with us numerous times before the day helping us plan everything for timeline, to are vision of a great party.

Your ability to read people is amazing as you took what you learned about us and made our wedding feel personal and unique. We cannot thank you enough for all your help.

We felt that you where more are wedding planner, rather than are DJ. With you being so in tune to are day it made it easy for us to sit back and enjoy are day. T

The party that you gave us was one we will remember for every as we still are getting told how much fun it was.

Thanks so much we would not have been able to do it without all your help.

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Jeff HayBrandee & Jay Atkinson

Kim & Aaron David


Aaron and I cannot stop talking about what an amazing day we had. You were very right in everything you said.

You were basically the backbone to the entire day.  We really could not have done it without you…food poisoning and all. You are such an amazing person and there is a reason why you are as busy as you are.  I know that everyone at the wedding had an incredible time and it will be remembered as one of the greatest weddings ever.

I wish you the best of luck this summer with all of the other weddings. We are now your number one fans so you may just become even busier….if that is possible.

From the bottom of our hearts, thank you again. You went above and beyond what any dj/mc would do.

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Jeff HayKim & Aaron David

Jen & Ryan Bellanger

Wow, honestly I cannot think of another word to describe it, everything was better than we could have imagined, from helping us plan and choose our music. To helping alleviate Jenn’s worries in the days before the wedding. Everything was great from the games we played games and laughed at and the singing and dancing into the night. Everyone had a fantastic time and wanted to do it all over again.

Thank you so much for helping make our day better than we ever could have hoped.

The new Mr. and Mrs. Bellanger

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Jeff HayJen & Ryan Bellanger

Heidi & James Excell

When we had decided to have our wedding in Kelowna, we checked out many different venues. At each venue, we were told that the BEST DJ to book, and the one that would GUARANTEE a great party would be DJ Haymaker. At the time we found this quite interesting that every venue would give the same recommendation.

As a couple, we determined that having a FUN and ENTERTAINING wedding was at the top of our list, so we booked our wedding date based on DJ Haymakers’ availability 🙂

Looking back on our wedding now, we know that we made the right choice. Our wedding was nothing less than amazing, and our guests are still raving about how great Jeff was. We would recommend Jeff to anyone that wants to have a blast at their own wedding.

Thanks again Jeff!! We are all slowly recovering… the wedding was a great time and we owe much of it to you 🙂

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Jeff HayHeidi & James Excell

Robert & Isa Laplante

Hi Jeff!!!

Well…Isadora and I just got back from Kelowna and we must say…wow…I’m not sure if you want to hear what we went through those 4 days but here it is (it gives you some perspective).

We arrived on Thursday to find out that one of my groomsman Andrew (the big black guy) had a mild heart attack

Did our rehearsal on Friday morning…found out that our rental place screwed us out of check in time 4pm instead of what was on our contract 3pm.
Fire was on Saturday…friends canceled from Vancouver…
Cousin’s house went up in smoke from the fire…
Aunts that were with the cousin produced enough drama from this fire event to choke an elephant…
My mom’s car broke down on the trip up to Kelowna…
My friend’s car broke down in Kelowna…heading back this weekend to go get it..
That night after the reception…found out there was no water at the rental house…used pool water to flush.
Water came back in the morning only to lose it again Monday night.
Ran around all day Monday dealing with the city and waterworks…nice honeymoon eh?

…this is only a bit of it…

The long and short of it?

If it wasn’t for YOU Jeff….the WHOLE weekend would have sucked badly. You took our minds off what was happening…took us away from the drama. We want to thank you for that.

All in all…YOU impressed sooo many people. As a WILL be recommended for other gigs as a lot of people are asking who you are and asking for details of your services. Emily (maid of honour) has asked for your info…she is western Canada’s music rep for Warner Music and has a friend that is London Drug’s buyer…which is asking for you. This friend I guess lives in Peachland…I think….and will probably be asking for you. Is it ok if we forward your info?

As for the rest of the night…again…thank you Jeff. As an ex DJ…you have me beat hands down!

I love the energy, the games, the experience! I’d love to work with you again…I know…there’s not too many times you get to work with THIS type of crowd!

For the comments on your website…I can’t gather the right words to describe the night fully. Comments are still coming in!


My wife and I just came back from our reception still pumped even days after. Jeff IS the DJ you want. Having worked in the DJ industry in Kelowna, I can honestly say that he is the best in the Okanagan. He will not disappoint.
Our wedding took place in the middle of the July 2009 Kelowna fires and we expected a somber reception. Jeff brought our spirits up and electrified the atmosphere with his games and personality.

Our guests and family arrived at the beginning of the night strangers and left at the end good friends with “high fives” and back slapping. From the very little information that the groom gave Jeff (sorry Jeff!) he made everyone come together. At the end of the night…comments like “it’s over?” and “where did you find your DJ? He’s incredible” were coming from all of our guests.

We highly recommend making Jeff your MC of the night. This may seem against tradition but you will not regret it as Jeff is professional, works well under pressure and makes the reception flow better than any MC I have ever seen.

The night was side splitting from entrance to last dance. There was not one moment that Jeff didn’t have something “up his sleeve”. From bride/groom kissing games to the infamous “Survivor” you WILL be rolling with laughter that your guests will remember forever.

For a night to remember….You MUST hire DJ HayMaker…

Again, thank you Jeff.

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Jeff HayRobert & Isa Laplante

Brennan & Jennifer Gill

When we first met with Jeff, we discussed what our goals were for the wedding and what we wanted people to walk away saying, we wanted everyone to say that wedding was the most fun out of any other weddings we have been too. Throughout the whole planning process, Jeff was always so full of energy and you could tell that he really loved his job. We knew at that point that our wedding was going to be a hit!

Then, after our wedding, we got feedback from everyone that attended that it was the best wedding they have ever been to!  It was fun, energetic, and good for all ages. Jeff did such an amazing job as MC and DJ of our wedding, and made it everything we wanted it to be and more. If you want your wedding to be an absolute blast, DJ Haymaker will make it happen.

We recommend him to everyone looking for an amazing wedding experience!

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Jeff HayBrennan & Jennifer Gill

Bryan & Tasha Jepsen

FANTASTIC!  Great night!  All of our guests commented on how great DJ Haymaker was and how much fun they had at the reception. This is exactly the responses we wanted. Many of our guests said our wedding reception was the best they have ever been to.

We knew right away we made a great decision when we selected Haymaker. Jeff was fully involved and committed to our wedding reception right from the beginning. He always held a positive attitude and showed a lot of enthusiasm during the planning stages and always initiated contact to meet up and confirm the details.

Jeff was not only our DJ/MC he was a huge part of our wedding team, almost like our own personal wedding planner!  From the minute by minute agenda he had for the big day – we knew we were in great hands. Jeff had everything under control and kept things moving along the entire night.
His games and trunk full of goodies were a big hit with all of our guests – young and old!

Thanks Jeff, for giving us a night we will remember forever!

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Jeff HayBryan & Tasha Jepsen

Brent & Danielle Harris

In the beginning, we were going to have a really good friend be our MC, but after meeting with DJ Haymaker for only half an hour we changed our mind because he had us smiling from ear to ear the whole time. Out of many questions that he asked us he asked us one main question, “What do you want your guests to say about your wedding when it is all said and done?” All we said was that we wanted it to be fun and that is exactly what it was, in fact it was ten times more fun and better than we imagined.

All our family and friends were coming up to us the whole night telling us that our DJ/Mc is absolutely hilarious and puts on a really amazing show. Even months after the wedding people still comment that our wedding was the best that they have ever been to and we owe all the credit to DJ Haymaker. So if you want your wedding to turn out better than you can ever possibly imagine, then have DJ Haymaker as your DJ and MC. You will not be disappointed.

Thanks for making the best day of our lives even that much more better. See you at our next function!. Thanks again.

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Jeff HayBrent & Danielle Harris

Bart & Stephanie Robertson

“Best wedding ever!”

“I didn’t know weddings could be this fun!”

Just some of the comments posted by our guests on Facebook the day following our wedding. Jeff made our day an absolute thrill. We actually changed our wedding day just so we could hire him.  From the day we brought him on board, he offered great professional advice regarding planning, hiring of personnel, wedding day timetables, songs and even ideas about little things such as table names.

He possesses an innate talent to read and understand a crowd and to respond accordingly. Drawing from his years of experience, he took our routine wedding and helped to create an incredible, unique day of entertainment. If you want a wedding to be fun and memorable from the minute the first guest arrives at the ceremony, to the time the last person leaves the dance floor, Jeff is your guy!

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Jeff HayBart & Stephanie Robertson