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Jesse & Jenelle deJesus

“I want everyone to remember your wedding as the best one they have ever been to, a night to remember…” – DJ Haymaker

We were referred to Jeff, AKA DJ Haymaker, from our venue organizer and we could not be happier. Early on we requested his DJ services and over the course of roughly twelve months we were in constant communication. Jeff delved into how we met, what we were before meeting each other, funny stories and information about the wedding party and fun facts. Through these e-mails and phone conversations he delivered an epic Wedding Day and a truly wild reception that we still receive compliments on today. It has been dubbed by family and friends as the ‘bestest wedding ever’!

We did not have a solid idea as to who our MC was going to be, so Jeff offered, being one of his services, he made it a night to remember. Through his “Survivor” game, musical chairs, fun facts questionnaires and wildly fun games, the night was never stale and always in motion. He was able to unite tables that, even through clever seating arrangements, may not have chatted at all. And of course the music, a smooth array of every genre played that night and at any time the dance floor was always moving.

We could not be happier, even we were surprised at how the night turned out, even after we thought it was planned to a “T”.

Thank you Jeff for helping make the most memorable event in our lives, even better.

Jeff HayJesse & Jenelle deJesus
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