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Paul & Cherise Johnson

When we first started planning our wedding, we knew there was only one DJ in Kelowna who could really make our wedding spectacular. We both worked in the hotel industry (Manteo Resort) and had seen many weddings and many DJ’s so for us the decision was simple, we knew we had to have Jeff. DJ HayMaker is the undoubtedly the best DJ in Kelowna and so we knew that no matter what else happened with the wedding, our dance would be perfect.

Right from the beginning, Jeff was eager to help us with the planning including all those little details that we hadn’t even thought about. While it was clear he would be doing many weddings over the summer, he was nevertheless always available and always eager to help us with any questions we had. Our ceremony took place outside and thanks to Jeff we not only had beautiful music played at exactly the right moments, but the sound and microphones he set up were perfect, allowing our guests to truly enjoy the ceremony.

Jeff took care of so many details for us and helped to make sure that transitions flowed perfectly. Jeff knew we wanted our wedding to be a fun night that our guests would not forget and that is exactly what he delivered. To really get the party going we wanted to play the survivor game with our guests. I have seen this game attempted by other DJ’s but by far, Jeff does it the best. Music, hats, and interaction engaged all of our guests and drew some surprises when the most unlikely guests really embraced the games and showed us a whole new side of their personality. Throughout the evening the music was perfect. We gave Jeff a list of what not to play and a list of our favorites but in the end we realized he didn’t need this list at all because his ability to read the guests and know exactly what to play was spot on.

DJ HayMaker made our wedding reception a huge success. In our history of working at Manteo, never had we seen a dance floor like ours that was packed right until the end of the night. The only thing we could ask for is to do it all over again. Thanks Jeff for making our wedding the most memorable night!

Jeff HayPaul & Cherise Johnson
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