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A Fundraiser for a “Buddy”

Hey Jeff,
Attached is a letter thanking you for the contribution of your time on Nov 13th for Justin’s fundraiser. Formality aside, I want to thank you personally for finding it in your heart to take on a small, private event like this no questions asked. Your generosity made the event. Plain and simple. It would not have been the successful night that it was without you and your energy.). A silly little letter doesn’t seem like enough to thank you…

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your generous donation of your time to our event that was held on November 13th, 2009 called A Fundraiser for a “Buddy”. This event was created to raise money for a colleague, Justin, whom is battling cancer for the second time before his 30th birthday. It was our goal to provide Justin with a portion of the costs for his upcoming treatment in the New Year. Your donation of your time and services truly made our event. The energy you provided throughout the night was contagious; many people said it was the best night out they have had in years. The event wouldn’t have had the level of success that did if it were not for you. Overall, we raised $4500.00 to go towards his treatment costs. Moreover, his family had the opportunity to see him have an amazing night surrounded by people who truly care which at the end of the day, is a priceless occasion. I continue to receive calls from his friends and family back home thanking me for this event and the opportunity for Justin to celebrate his life with the people he cares about the most. In turn, I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your contribution to this event. It was, in all intents and purposes, a huge success.

Carly Aronetz
Program Coordinatior
Youth Employment Services

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Jeff HayA Fundraiser for a “Buddy”

Andrea & Jonathan Gleadle


Our dream wedding at Summerhill was an amazing event. Jeff not only played the best music that everyone loved, but he was the best ever MC. Our guests had two things to say about the wedding.

The food was wonderful and
Your DJ is awesome.

The night went off without a hitch and mostly because of Jeff’s experience and organization. Our Guests were so excited to start dancing that in our first dance we got pushed off the dance floor because there was no more room left. Absolutely everyone danced that night. Old and Young. Jeff is so friendly and absolutely wonderful to work with. He made it his job to get to know us so that our wedding was uniquely tailored for us. My husband who is an audiophile commented that Jeff’s equipment was of very high fidelity. I would agree!!

Thank you for making our wedding a memory of a lifetime.

Andrea, Jonathan and Baby William

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Jeff HayAndrea & Jonathan Gleadle

David & Sarah Jane Gullacher

We had an amazing reception. From the appetizers being served while big band music played, to our entrance with the Black Eyed Peas and the the music during our receiving line. Jeff set the mood of the evening and kept us in good spirits.

The week prior to the wedding Jeff took the time to meet with us and find out what we truly wanted from our reception. We told him we wanted to have a fun party with good music and a light atmosphere. Jeff managed to keep the party going and even during dinner. We loved the “Newlywed Game” and the game to get our teams into dinner service. After dinner they played the survivor game and it really brought the guests together. Tables that were next to each other but didn’t know one another were laughing and talking. The hats during the dancing were great.

I would recommend DJ Haymaker to any event. He is amazing.

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Jeff HayDavid & Sarah Jane Gullacher

Nicole Cherry & Lindsay Irwin

Jeff… WOOOOOOOOHHHHHHOOOOOOOOOO! I think that about covers how we felt about Sunday night! From the beginning of the ceremony to the end of the reception it was ABSOLUTELY perfect 🙂 Thank you for all your help in putting our wedding together!!


Lyndsay and I are from the lower mainland but spent a year planning our destination wedding in the Okanagan. We knew we wanted to have an amazing party, especially since most of our guests were coming from out of town, and we needed to find a kickass DJ who would make this party happen. We first found out about Jeff though a local DJ in Vancouver who said that if we were looking for the best of the best in the Okanagan, Jeff Hay was the guy. After browsing his website and reading all the feedback from clients, it was pretty apparent that Jeff had the reputation of a saint! When we found out Jeff was available for our wedding date, we booked him right away without hesitation.

Jeff made a huge contribution to our wedding planning in the months leading up to the big day. Numerous phone calls, emails and a meeting over coffee was just the beginning. When we first booked Jeff to be our DJ, we thought he would be just that… a DJ! However, we soon came to realize that he was SO MUCH MORE. Not only did he come up with many suggestions for the actual wedding day, he recommended florists to us, he helped us find a limo company and a marriage commissioner. He also spent a great deal of time helping us edit songs and music to be used in our big day. We liked Jeff so much that we soon decided it was not enough to just have him play DJ at our reception….so he soon became our MC as well as the sound man for our outdoor ceremony.

Our actual wedding day was amazing, thanks in large part to Jeff! When we walked into the reception, Jeff immediately had everything under control and we did not have to worry about a thing! The party atmosphere was well under way from the beginning, thanks in large part to Jeff’s awesome games. The dinner quiz, newlyweds game, and Survivor, had us and our guests in hysterics. It was amazing what some our guests would do in order to be crowned the sole survivor!

Once Jeff’s tickle trunk of hats and wigs made their appearance and the dancing was underway, it was clear that the party was still going strong. Friends and relative that don’t usually dance were cutting a rug on the dance floor, loosening their ties and walking around in some of Jeff’s crazy hats! Jeff played all the hits, including all of our requests. Our biggest disappointment was when the clock struck twelve and the reception was over. Nobody wanted to leave, not even Jeff! Sensing this, Jeff somehow managed to get permission to keep the party going for another hour, which absolutely made our night and the night of our guests.

At the end of the night, the comments I heard from our guests included: “Is the DJ a friend of yours?”, “Where did you find that guy?”, “Your DJ was FANTASTIC!”, “Will your DJ travel to the lower mainland?” and “That was the best wedding ever!”

Thank you for such an amazing night Jeff! We could not have done it without you. Don’t hesitate to book Jeff for your next event… and invite us to it!

Nicole and Lyndsay

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Jeff HayNicole Cherry & Lindsay Irwin

Lynsey & Robin

From the Mother of the Groom

Dear Jeff,

I just wanted to send you a quick note to thank you for making my Son, Robin and Daughter-in law, Lynsey’s wedding perfect. You made the difference between a nice wedding and the wedding that everyone is still talking about.
Having you as the M.C. for the evening was great. You took care of absolutely everything and made sure all went smoothly. I loved all the games throughout the evening, especially the flag game and the musical chairs/Survivor game. I still smile every time I picture the wedding party coming into the reception. It was like announcing the MVP’s for the top ranking Football team.

I would definitely recommend you to anyone who wants to put together any social event. You are able to read people like no other. Thank you for making his event the talk of our families and friends. Every part of the night fit with the bride and groom so perfectly. It was like you had been friends of our families for years. You take the time to make sure the event is exactly what is needed and was enjoyed by all. Can’t wait to see you at the next social event!

Thanks again,

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Jeff HayLynsey & Robin

Stacey & Sheldon Bellows

Jeff Hay is a wedding/party genius who is worth his weight in gold.
Jeff played a huge part in the success of our wedding; we couldn’t have had the wedding we dreamed of without him.  Three years ago we had the pleasure of attending a wedding in which Jeff was the MC and DJ, and we had a blast and couldn’t stop talking about that wedding and comparing other weddings to it. When we got engaged we knew we had to have Jeff as our MC/DJ that we were even willing to change our wedding date to get him. Luckily we were able to book Jeff and from that day which was a year before our actual wedding Jeff was there for us to help us answer questions and offer advice.
It was a big stress relief knowing we could always go to Jeff with anything wedding related. On top of his great advice and support Jeff always made sure we kept our love for one another as the most important thing and ensured we were always excited about getting married. Throughout the entire process Jeff went above and beyond for us. Although Jeff didn’t do our ceremony music he helped plan the timeline for the ceremony and the entire day. Jeff even attended our ceremony to watch us get married then went straight to setting up the reception and had everything ready to go well in advance of our reception start time.
Our wedding experience was perfect and everything we dreamed of thanks to Jeff. Our wedding reception was so organized, thought out and ran smoothly from start to finish with no awkward moments. Our guest were so involved in the games and activities that they weren’t watching the clock waiting to leave. Jeff has a way about him, that he gets everyone to participate and have fun especially with his “Survivor” game, which was the hit of the night.
At the end of the night people were asking Jeff for his business card and were commenting on how much fun they had had and that our DJ was amazing and what a great  job he did. It’s been a month since our wedding and people are still talking about it and how great Jeff was. We would recommend Jeff to anyone who wanted a well organized, fun, and memorable wedding, with Jeff you can’t go wrong.
Thanks Jeff for making our wedding memorable!

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Jeff HayStacey & Sheldon Bellows

Janice & Joel Teague

Dear Jeff,

Janice and Joel Teague here..  You were our DJ in Whistler in August 2004. We are celebrating our 5th wedding anniversary today and playing the CD you made for us of the music you played on our wedding day – both during the ceremony and the party afterwards.

We were discussing what a great day it was and how much you contributed to making it such a wonderful day – despite in the fact that we didn’t meet you beforehand and were 4000 miles away in the UK. The service you provided was personal but professional, relaxed and humorous but well-orchestrated. You rock!

Just wanted to say thanks again and wish you continued success with your business. You deserve every moment of it.

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Jeff HayJanice & Joel Teague

Barry & Keri Fisher

I can not thank you enough for your contribution to our amazing day!
We enjoyed every moment of our wedding, it really helped knowing that we had you to lean on if we needed some advise or help with any detail when planning our day. The night was so much fun, and went so smooth that we did not have to worry about a thing.
The comments from our friends and family were all in the same as they all said this was the best wedding they had been to, and some had been to five weddings this year and not including a couple who were married themselves recently!!! We are both not big dancers but we both danced the night away not missing a beat, you really read the crowd and everyone had a blast, loved the hats!!!
Thanks again Jeff!

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Jeff HayBarry & Keri Fisher

Oliver & Aimee Webbe

When we were planning our Osoyoos wedding from our home in Vancouver, we were told about Dj Haymaker by 2 of our friends who said that they had been to a wedding in Kelowna with the best dj who used hats and games to keep the party going.  I must admit that at first i was a bit skeptic of the hats and games, but from the first e-mails with Jeff Haymaker we could tell he was a complete professional who knew exactly what he was doing.

Jeff maintained contact with us throughout the entire planning process and offered help and ideas to us to make the process a bit easier. My husband and i are very busy people who aren’t always so “prompt” at returning e-mails, but Jeff never lost patience with us! He supplied us with a detailed form to fill out so that he would know exactly what we wanted and so that he could personalize our wedding by adding that little extra touch. He even phoned us a couple days before the wedding so that we could have a little chat about our big day.

Finally our day was here, and i could not have had more fun! Dj haymaker made our night sooo memorable! Starting right from the wedding party introductions he had everyone in hysterics, and put us all in the mood to party. Our guests were amazed that there wasn’t a down moment throughout the entire reception. Before dinner we palyed a fun game to see which tables would eat first, jeff came prepared with laminated A,B,C,D cards for people to use to answer the multiple choice questions about the bride and groom. This brought our guests together and definitely broke the ice.

After dinner, we played was a version of the Newlyweds game, where he brought up my parents and another couple up to play with us. He read the other couples very well, and was able to joke around with them as though he had known them forever! I LOVED this game and could NOT stop laughing!
The last game that was played right before the dancing was the “Survivor” game. I was amazed at how everyone got involved! Our guest had to work together to help their tables win, and DJ haymaker kept everyone motivated thoughout the game. He brought out tribal headgear for the contestants and everyone really got into the tickle trunk!! I couldn’t belive it! I saw a whole other side of our friends and familly that night!

And then the party really got going! Every song we had requested was played, and Jeff read the crowd so well that the dance floor was completly PACKED! There was literally no more room on the dance floor. We danced and danced and danced! Even the people who “don’t dance” were dancing. Dj Haymaker has an incredible talent for reading the crowd and getting everyone going… i heard people saying that he was born to do this; i couldn’t agree more!
Jeff kept the party going as long as people were wanting to party. Even though he had a long drive home after the wedding he never made us feel like we were on a timeline. He stayed to the end and even offered to drive us home!!! We had told him that we wanted people to leave our wedding saying that it was “the best wedding ever”. He deffinitly made this happen, as people are still talking about it.

Thank you Jeff, you really made our day! I’ve had so many people ask for your name and info, and wanting you to travel all over the place; Whistler, Vancouver, even Mexico! You provided a fun, personal, over the top service and we were so lucky to have you at our event. You blended in perfectly and created a one of a kind party.

You really made the night more special then you know. I would recommend you to anyone who would listen!!
Thanks again,
Aimee and Oliver
Hi Jeff,
We had a wonderful time at Aimee & Oliver’s wedding! Yes it was a fun group but my night was made when all those crazy hats came out! I loved it; it was a great ice-breaker & everybody had such fun with them. ( and they made FABULOUS pictures!). What a great idea! Once people were on their feet laughing about the hats, they stayed put for the dancing; even ‘I’ danced which I haven’t done since knee surgery several years ago… You have a very good variety of music for young & old(er) & we had a really fun time.
Normally I cringe at the thought of ‘games’ but we totally enjoyed them, they contributed to the fun atmosphere. Everyone we spoke to said they had a wonderful time.
Jeff you are excellent at your job & you helped make this wedding even more memorable. Thank you!
“Hats off to you”,
Lorraine (Mother of the Bride)

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Jeff HayOliver & Aimee Webbe

Allison & Michael Lane

We found DJ Haymaker through an internet search for “Okanagan DJ”.  After calling around to 3 other companies whom were less than impressive, I got to speak directly to DJ Haymaker.  After 45 minutes on the phone, I asked him if he was available for our wedding on September 5th, 2009  at the
Summerland Waterfront Resort and he confirmed he was. We later found out that DJ Haymaker comes so well recommended that people book their wedding around his available dates!  My fiancée and I met with Jeff in Kelowna about 6 months prior to the actual wedding date and we both immediately had peace of mind with our choice and knew he was the perfect DJ for our ceremony and reception. Immediately you could tell that he is talented, loves his job, but more importantly you could tell he wanted our event to be perfect for us and memorable for all our guests.

Fast forward to the wedding day, we had some unexpected and unforecast rain. Without hesitation Jeff jumped into action and helped reorganize the entrance to the ceremony and coordinated with the resort to ensure that everything went off perfectly.  He was our wedding coordinator, MC and DJ all in one!

Since the wedding day, the common feedback we’ve received from guests is “best wedding ever”, “most fun I’ve ever had”, “best party I’ve been to in Canada”, “I used to hate Survivor”, “I’ve never danced so much in my life”. Some guests have asked me for DJ Haymakers contact information to retain him for their own functions!  Our guest list consisted of people ranging from very young to old.  They ranged from doctors, lawyers, pastors, police, teachers and labourers.  Jeff was able to find the perfect mix of music that appealed to everyone.  As MC he was phenomenal in introducing the wedding party, the bride and groom and organizing the whole evening for us, so we could relax and enjoy our time as husband and wife. Jeff organized a game called “Survivor”.  We are not normally fans of wedding games.  In fact, most of them we find to be mundane and repetitive and boring. Without spoiling the event, Survivor got each and every guest involved and motivated to part – it set the mood for the rest of the evening.  I’ve never laughed so hard as I did at some of the things that my inconspicuous guests produced.  Jeff is very personable and friendly and has a great sense of humour that reflects in the exceptional work that he does. Jeff is tasteful, a pleasure to work with and even wore a shirt to match our wedding colors!

I have no problem being a reference for anyone who is “on the fence” about using DJ Haymaker for their event, email me at michael.lane(at) If I could offer you one piece of advice in your decision making process it would be to hire Jeff – he’s worth far more than he charges and you will not
regret it.

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Jeff HayAllison & Michael Lane