Special party rates for 30th, 40th, 50th birthday and anniversary parties!

“Hands down the best DJ I’ve ever seen!”

Lindsey & Chris

“Your personal style gave us peace of mind…”

Shaun & Andrea

“We wanted a big party and that’s exactly what we got!!!”

Megan & Mike

“From his entertaining and interactive games, great music selection and charismatic personality, a professional that treats his clients not as customers, but as friends…”

Sydney & Chad

“…making it a night that we will never forget”

Shari & Justin

DJ Haymaker (aka Jeff Hay), the wedding and party specialist!!

During the planning of your wedding, we can never lose sight of the fact that your wedding is a PARTY - an awesome celebration!

You are inviting the people closest to you on this entire Earth… Your guests may be driving or flying in from all over the country and they deserve a great party!! Let’s give them the best possible EXPERIENCE at your wedding!

To have a successful event, we want your guests to say, “So worth the trip, so “you-guys” (you personalities all over the wedding), and BEST WEDDING EVER!” (Why shouldn’t that be our goal?) – If that is how we want them to feel at the end, then we just need to work backwards to create those feelings!

There is much more to providing entertainment at a wedding than simply playing music after 9.  When your guests arrive at your wedding ceremony, they do not all know each other.  So part of my role at the reception is to help take this group of awesome strangers, break the ice, and get them more connected so that when it is time to rock the dance floor, we are a cohesive party group!

From creative ideas for deciding dinner service, to turning the table on the clinking of glasses for you both to kiss, I have many ideas to share with you to help make your wedding unique, personal, special, and unforgettable!

Your DJ Booking Checklist

Peace of mind

that your entertainment will be fantastic…


that your DJ understands your vision…

Your guests declaring

YOUR wedding to be the BEST EVER…

Your wedding reception becomes

the ultimate celebration to which all future weddings are measured against!

My Philosophy

What I care about most is that every one of your guests leave your wedding having had an incredible experience and saying the same thing –

“This is the BEST wedding I have ever been to!!”
Truthfully, I want every future wedding that your guests attend to be constantly compared to your wedding!

“This wedding is kinda fun but that TIME WE HAD AT (insert your names here)’s wedding, now THAT was awesome!”

Jeff Hay (DJ Haymaker) is highly recommended by the Top Venues and Planners in town…

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