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Allison & Clayton Koganow

“I gotta feeling… that tonight’s gonna be a good night”

Jeff, those words continuously play through our minds and words can’t express how amazing our night was! From the moment we had met, we knew you were the perfect person to have our musical needs fulfilled at our wedding!!

It has almost been two months, and people are still messaging and talking to us about the night and how they wished it could happen all over again.

Clayton and I can’t think you enough for the incredible advice you gave us, in choosing songs that would reflect our personalities and the atmosphere! The games were a blast and had everyone on the edge of their seats, ready to rip a shirt off, just to get involved! The dance floor was on fire all night!!

I would highly highly recommend you to everyone wanting to have the most memorable wedding or social event!!

Thank you again and we will be sending pictures very soon!

Jeff HayAllison & Clayton Koganow
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