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Lyndsay & Jeremiah Richholt

Hi Jeff,

Sorry to take so long to get back to you, but we we’re on our honeymoon. We are very happy and still talking about our perfect wedding.

Thank you so much for all your hard work, you were fantastic! We received lots of compliments on our DJ/MC. We will be giving your name & contact to anyone we know who might your service. Here is a little testimonial for you!
Jeff Hay helped give us the perfect wedding! He is a DJ, MC, and wedding planner all rolled into one. He helped us plan months in advance, gave us tons of feedback, and helpful suggestions. Our ceremony ran very smoothly and was perfect due to Jeff’s co-ordinating. From the professional initial greeting, to his dedicated assistance in planning our day without problems, Jeff Hay couldn’t have been a better choice! Both DJ and Master of Ceremony, he seemed to effortlessly manage and plan an event that we will always remember! All our guests told us it was the best wedding they’d ever been to!

Thanks Jeff,

Jeremiah & Lyndsay


I had to email you to let you know what an incredible job you did. We  are still getting comments from our guests about what a terrific  wedding it was and Lyndsay and Jeremiah got their wish of wanting people to say it was the best wedding and definitely the most fun they  had been to. We owe a lot of that to you, you were awesome. You can  be sure we will be giving your name out to everyone we know and I hope you will still be in the business when Jimmy decides to settle down, although he is enjoying being single right now after having dated the same girl for 5 years, so could be a while.

Anyways, words can’t thank you enough for all the help and enjoyment you gave us in making our daughters wedding a truly special day.

I hope we have an occasion to see you again.

Thank you

Jim and Louise Kitchin (Father and Mother of the Bride)

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Jeff HayLyndsay & Jeremiah Richholt

Mark & Shelly Burnham

We met Jeff a couple of years ago when he was the dj at our friend’s wedding in Kelowna. We only knew 3 people at the wedding including the bride and groom, but Jeff’s fun games and outgoing personality helped to create instant connections with all of the wedding guests. We had such a blast at the wedding that we couldn’t stop talking about it. It was definintely the best wedding we had ever been to. Halfway through the night, I was determined that Jeff would be the dj for our wedding. Though I wasn’t even engaged yet, my boyfriend, Mark, and I had been together for 7 years and we knew that a wedding was definitely in our future. I talked to Jeff that night, got his business card and asked him if he would still be a dj in about 2 years because I would love for him to be our dj once our wedding day finally came.

Eventually Mark and I did get engaged and when it came time to book the dj, we knew there was only one person that we wanted. We didn’t even look for anyone else and I quickly found his business card that I had been holding onto. Though Jeff may be more expensive than some djs, he is definitely worth it! We knew that even if we had to cut corners on other wedding costs, the dj was the one person who would make or break the party. We were thrilled when Jeff was available and he was willing to come to Sicamous to be our mc and dj for our wedding on May 9, 2009. We had raved to all of our friends and family so much about Jeff and he did not disappoint.

Bringing together a room full of strangers, he was able to create an atmosphere of fun and excitement. Even some of the most reserved people came out of their shells, thanks to his numerous games and amazing hats. Where else would you see your husband’s grandma wearing an 80s rockstar wig? The feedback that we have gotten from our wedding has been nothing but positive. Everyone says that they had such a fun night and that it was truly the best wedding that they have ever been to!!! Even when the power went out a few times in the good old Sicamous Legion, the party continued thanks to Jeff! He was a tremendous dj and mc. Everyone thought that he was a friend of ours since he seemed to know us both so well. I believe that our wedding was definitely one that our guests will never forget and it is definitely a tough wedding to follow. Mark and I would definitely recommend Jeff to other couples who want their wedding to be memorable and who want their guests to have a great time. Jeff will help to make your wedding day the best day of your life, just like he did for us!!!

Cheers and thank you again for a wonderful day!

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Jeff HayMark & Shelly Burnham

Aberdeen Private School Fundraising Night

We would like to thank Jeff for his professionalism, organization, and flexibility.  He was great at reading the room, entertaining the audience and helping us achieve our goals. We were very pleased with him in every respect and recommend him highly.

Chris Grieve
Head of School
Aberdeen Hall Preparatory School


Hi Jeff,

Hope you’re great on this (so far) sunny day!  I just wanted to say one again, thank you!  I’m getting so many compliments on how much fun it was and I know you had a lot do with it!  I appreciate how involved you were, and how much you really cared!!!

I’ve been to a lot of different parties and you are in a different class of entertainment!!

Thanks again,
Nadia Holzhey  (fundraising committee member)


Hi Jeff,

First of all I want to apologize for not thanking you properly at the end of the night. I would like to give a little something “extra” so I will try to do so next week when I come back from Montreal.

The night was a great success and we exceeded $ 50,000. Excellent!!

You were a huge hit and lots of people have been asking about you. You were so invested in the process and it showed. I really think that you made the night. From the music at the start of the evening to the auction, Survivor, dancing, reminders….You had the most important job and you were awesome.

Huge thanks again and I will email next week. I will also make sure that you get lots of great referrals.

Take care
Caroline Gilchrist – (head of Aberdeen fundraising committee)

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Jeff HayAberdeen Private School Fundraising Night

David & Stacey Leahy

Hi Jeff!

Here is our little write up for your website, every word of it is true. 🙂 That we know of, our guests have told dozens of people about you. We hope that they will keep you busy.

Thank you for playing such a tremendous part in our wedding celebration! From start to finish, you helped us feel at ease by taking care of all the little and large details and, most importantly, amplifying our excitement levels to unthinkable heights.

Amazingly, before the dancing had even begun, we had guests telling us it was the best wedding they’d ever been to! From that point on, it was the consensus of all our guests as the compliments carried forward on to the next day at the gift opening and still continue on today with comments like “Where’d you find that DJ? He’s fantastic!”, “We loved the Newlywed game. I can’t remember laughing that hard!”, “Those hats! Where did he get all those hats?!”. David and I are a fairly modest couple, but we absolutely agree that this unequivocally was THE BEST wedding we’ve ever been to…and the extraordinary part about it is that it was ours!

We appreciate all you’ve done for us, Jeff! Taking the time to get to know us, our story and our family and friends by name proves that your title goes above and beyond being the greatest DJ. We will recommend you a thousand times over to anyone looking to enjoy their wedding as much as we did!

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Jeff HayDavid & Stacey Leahy

Jon & Florence Saunders


You were an absolute smash. We must have had 20 people, and that’s only whom we’ve talked to, say if they get married, you are the one.
Bar none, the feed back is no one has ever been to a better wedding and it was because of you.

Some of the youngers were ready to leave by dinner, until you came alive,
You were organized from day one meeting you to staying and playing for the clean-up crew which really impressed everyone.

My family is used to lots of fun like you so of course you were just the ticket. Jonathan’s family is more conservative, and you really brought them out. No one will ever forget our wedding which is what we and you wanted. I do know of at least 8 who haven’t been married will be calling you for their day.

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Jeff HayJon & Florence Saunders

Josie & Mike Symonds

Jeff was available to help throughout the whole wedding planning process, and he brought a lot of experience and enthusiasm to the table. He had many great ideas regarding the entertainment but also helped us visualize and plan other aspects of the wedding including scheduling, recepetion room set-up, and photo ideas; he was really interested in our entire wedding experience, not just the part that he was involved in. In fact, Jeff attended our church ceremony even though he wasn’t providing the music for it.

Jeff arrived several hours before the reception started to make sure that the microphones, lighting, and speakers were ready. He then worked seemlessly with our Master of Ceremonies to deliver a lively reception. Highlights included his “survivor game,” which really brought the entire group together in competitive spirit, and our last dance archway exit from the building.  Jeff played music to suit the crowd and to get everyone dancing. He was also always open to song requests; a favorite from our wedding was the “Backstreet’s Back” rendition lipsynced by the groom and groomsmen. Jeff actually delivered more that just the reception; he also kept the clean up crew entertained while the decorations were coming down.

Jeff had assured us that he would provide our guests with the most fun wedding reception that they had ever been to, and he definately delivered. My cousin and her finance that had previously booked Jeff for their August 2009 wedding said that Jeff’s performance at our wedding was the best audition that they could have witnessed. Several other relatives remarked that they were looking forward to this upcoming wedding so that they could wear Jeff’s crazy hat collection again! Another friend asked if Jeff traveled or if he had any recommendations for DJs for her upcoming wedding in Vancouver. There is a reason Jeff is one of the most popular DJs in the Okanagan, and we would definatley recommend him.

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Jeff HayJosie & Mike Symonds

Joel & Nuala Hillis-Gold

Jeff Hay is so much more than a DJ; he is an entertainer, event planner and emcee as well. We would highly recommend him for any event.

In the months before our event, Jeff met with us and kept in regular touch via email. He was very responsive to any suggestions we made and was sensitive to the uniqueness of our family celebration (Bar Mitzvah).

During the event, Jeff did a great job filling gaps in the program with humour. He had all the audiovisual equipment we needed and knew how to arrange the physical space at the venue in a way that best suited the party.

Jeff is extremely skilled at getting all guests involved. We had guests ranging in age from 6 to 76 and they all raved about Jeff. He got everyone up dancing and there was music to suit everyone’s tastes. He played all of the songs we requested.

Jeff planned games and activities for our group that were hilarious and zany. These games served as real icebreakers and the guests loved them. A number of guests said they had never had so much fun at an event.
Jeff turned our dinner/dance into a real party!

Jeff – Thanks so much!

Nuala and Joel (and Elijah!)

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Jeff HayJoel & Nuala Hillis-Gold

Jay & Christine Anderson

We wanted out wedding celebration to be something different – unique and super fun, and we are so happy Jeff was recommended to us. Part of what I think makes him such a great DJ is that he is there through the whole planning process – helping with ideas, getting to know us and our party style, and offering support. Even with our unique setup of having our party over two floors, Jeff didn’t hesitate to take on the challenge, and it turned out even better than we imagined!

We’ve already had several people tell us it was the best wedding they had ever been to – and these are people who’ve been to a lot of weddings! The games were the best part, it was so entertaining and fun. People who didn’t even know each other were scrambling around trying to get all the items for Jeff’s survivor game, and it was hilarious to watch. I would recommend Jeff to absolutely anyone, he really works hard to to whatever it takes to make your party a great success!

Thanks so much!

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Jeff HayJay & Christine Anderson

Lavonne & Geoff Stewart

The experience with DJ Haymaker has been nothing short of amazing, from the pre-wedding conversations over the phone to the day of. Our guests got the impression that you had known us for years. You were thoughtful and respectful in calling our parents and many guests by name. You made every attempt from the moment people walked in to make it a night people would not forget. We can say without doubt that your efforts were the cornerstone of what has been called “the best wedding ever”. Thank you for indulging our strange requests and stranger family and friends. While you spent much of the night as the MC and host, it never seemed like you were trying to be the center of attention, but made every effort for Lavonne and I to feel like the day was about us, while involving out guests to create an experience that people are still talking about months later.

My only complaint is that several of our friends have said that they are concerned that this wedding has left some big shoes to fill.

Thanks for being there and being sincere and diligent in your efforts to make our wedding the best it could be!

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Jeff HayLavonne & Geoff Stewart

Kim & Joe Rossi

Hi Jeff,

Just wanted to let you know in writing how much we enjoyed our Jan 3, 2009 wedding at Summerhill.

Every single person we spoke to after the wedding commented on what a fantastic DJ we had.  How you were so interactive, how they had never seen so many people on the dance floor for such a long time, and how much fun they had!

Even though we may have been slightly skecptical, Survivor went over awesome and it really did bridge the gap between dinner and dancing and got people excited and moving again!  The party hats etc were also super awesome, and were a hit with all the guests!

I also wanted to particularily thank you for all your help leading up to the wedding, your ideas, your help with the planning and your help with booking things like our Justice of the peace!  We honestly couldn’t be happier with your service, and we will recommend you to anyone at anytime that needs a DJ!

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Jeff HayKim & Joe Rossi