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David & Stacey Leahy

Hi Jeff!

Here is our little write up for your website, every word of it is true. 🙂 That we know of, our guests have told dozens of people about you. We hope that they will keep you busy.

Thank you for playing such a tremendous part in our wedding celebration! From start to finish, you helped us feel at ease by taking care of all the little and large details and, most importantly, amplifying our excitement levels to unthinkable heights.

Amazingly, before the dancing had even begun, we had guests telling us it was the best wedding they’d ever been to! From that point on, it was the consensus of all our guests as the compliments carried forward on to the next day at the gift opening and still continue on today with comments like “Where’d you find that DJ? He’s fantastic!”, “We loved the Newlywed game. I can’t remember laughing that hard!”, “Those hats! Where did he get all those hats?!”. David and I are a fairly modest couple, but we absolutely agree that this unequivocally was THE BEST wedding we’ve ever been to…and the extraordinary part about it is that it was ours!

We appreciate all you’ve done for us, Jeff! Taking the time to get to know us, our story and our family and friends by name proves that your title goes above and beyond being the greatest DJ. We will recommend you a thousand times over to anyone looking to enjoy their wedding as much as we did!

Jeff HayDavid & Stacey Leahy
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