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Lavonne & Geoff Stewart

The experience with DJ Haymaker has been nothing short of amazing, from the pre-wedding conversations over the phone to the day of. Our guests got the impression that you had known us for years. You were thoughtful and respectful in calling our parents and many guests by name. You made every attempt from the moment people walked in to make it a night people would not forget. We can say without doubt that your efforts were the cornerstone of what has been called “the best wedding ever”. Thank you for indulging our strange requests and stranger family and friends. While you spent much of the night as the MC and host, it never seemed like you were trying to be the center of attention, but made every effort for Lavonne and I to feel like the day was about us, while involving out guests to create an experience that people are still talking about months later.

My only complaint is that several of our friends have said that they are concerned that this wedding has left some big shoes to fill.

Thanks for being there and being sincere and diligent in your efforts to make our wedding the best it could be!

Jeff HayLavonne & Geoff Stewart
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