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Mark & Shelly Burnham

We met Jeff a couple of years ago when he was the dj at our friend’s wedding in Kelowna. We only knew 3 people at the wedding including the bride and groom, but Jeff’s fun games and outgoing personality helped to create instant connections with all of the wedding guests. We had such a blast at the wedding that we couldn’t stop talking about it. It was definintely the best wedding we had ever been to. Halfway through the night, I was determined that Jeff would be the dj for our wedding. Though I wasn’t even engaged yet, my boyfriend, Mark, and I had been together for 7 years and we knew that a wedding was definitely in our future. I talked to Jeff that night, got his business card and asked him if he would still be a dj in about 2 years because I would love for him to be our dj once our wedding day finally came.

Eventually Mark and I did get engaged and when it came time to book the dj, we knew there was only one person that we wanted. We didn’t even look for anyone else and I quickly found his business card that I had been holding onto. Though Jeff may be more expensive than some djs, he is definitely worth it! We knew that even if we had to cut corners on other wedding costs, the dj was the one person who would make or break the party. We were thrilled when Jeff was available and he was willing to come to Sicamous to be our mc and dj for our wedding on May 9, 2009. We had raved to all of our friends and family so much about Jeff and he did not disappoint.

Bringing together a room full of strangers, he was able to create an atmosphere of fun and excitement. Even some of the most reserved people came out of their shells, thanks to his numerous games and amazing hats. Where else would you see your husband’s grandma wearing an 80s rockstar wig? The feedback that we have gotten from our wedding has been nothing but positive. Everyone says that they had such a fun night and that it was truly the best wedding that they have ever been to!!! Even when the power went out a few times in the good old Sicamous Legion, the party continued thanks to Jeff! He was a tremendous dj and mc. Everyone thought that he was a friend of ours since he seemed to know us both so well. I believe that our wedding was definitely one that our guests will never forget and it is definitely a tough wedding to follow. Mark and I would definitely recommend Jeff to other couples who want their wedding to be memorable and who want their guests to have a great time. Jeff will help to make your wedding day the best day of your life, just like he did for us!!!

Cheers and thank you again for a wonderful day!

Jeff HayMark & Shelly Burnham
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