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Kim & Joe Rossi

Hi Jeff,

Just wanted to let you know in writing how much we enjoyed our Jan 3, 2009 wedding at Summerhill.

Every single person we spoke to after the wedding commented on what a fantastic DJ we had.  How you were so interactive, how they had never seen so many people on the dance floor for such a long time, and how much fun they had!

Even though we may have been slightly skecptical, Survivor went over awesome and it really did bridge the gap between dinner and dancing and got people excited and moving again!  The party hats etc were also super awesome, and were a hit with all the guests!

I also wanted to particularily thank you for all your help leading up to the wedding, your ideas, your help with the planning and your help with booking things like our Justice of the peace!  We honestly couldn’t be happier with your service, and we will recommend you to anyone at anytime that needs a DJ!

Jeff HayKim & Joe Rossi
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