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Heidi & James Excell

When we had decided to have our wedding in Kelowna, we checked out many different venues. At each venue, we were told that the BEST DJ to book, and the one that would GUARANTEE a great party would be DJ Haymaker. At the time we found this quite interesting that every venue would give the same recommendation.

As a couple, we determined that having a FUN and ENTERTAINING wedding was at the top of our list, so we booked our wedding date based on DJ Haymakers’ availability 🙂

Looking back on our wedding now, we know that we made the right choice. Our wedding was nothing less than amazing, and our guests are still raving about how great Jeff was. We would recommend Jeff to anyone that wants to have a blast at their own wedding.

Thanks again Jeff!! We are all slowly recovering… the wedding was a great time and we owe much of it to you 🙂

Jeff HayHeidi & James Excell
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