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Robert & Isa Laplante

Hi Jeff!!!

Well…Isadora and I just got back from Kelowna and we must say…wow…I’m not sure if you want to hear what we went through those 4 days but here it is (it gives you some perspective).

We arrived on Thursday to find out that one of my groomsman Andrew (the big black guy) had a mild heart attack

Did our rehearsal on Friday morning…found out that our rental place screwed us out of check in time 4pm instead of what was on our contract 3pm.
Fire was on Saturday…friends canceled from Vancouver…
Cousin’s house went up in smoke from the fire…
Aunts that were with the cousin produced enough drama from this fire event to choke an elephant…
My mom’s car broke down on the trip up to Kelowna…
My friend’s car broke down in Kelowna…heading back this weekend to go get it..
That night after the reception…found out there was no water at the rental house…used pool water to flush.
Water came back in the morning only to lose it again Monday night.
Ran around all day Monday dealing with the city and waterworks…nice honeymoon eh?

…this is only a bit of it…

The long and short of it?

If it wasn’t for YOU Jeff….the WHOLE weekend would have sucked badly. You took our minds off what was happening…took us away from the drama. We want to thank you for that.

All in all…YOU impressed sooo many people. As a WILL be recommended for other gigs as a lot of people are asking who you are and asking for details of your services. Emily (maid of honour) has asked for your info…she is western Canada’s music rep for Warner Music and has a friend that is London Drug’s buyer…which is asking for you. This friend I guess lives in Peachland…I think….and will probably be asking for you. Is it ok if we forward your info?

As for the rest of the night…again…thank you Jeff. As an ex DJ…you have me beat hands down!

I love the energy, the games, the experience! I’d love to work with you again…I know…there’s not too many times you get to work with THIS type of crowd!

For the comments on your website…I can’t gather the right words to describe the night fully. Comments are still coming in!


My wife and I just came back from our reception still pumped even days after. Jeff IS the DJ you want. Having worked in the DJ industry in Kelowna, I can honestly say that he is the best in the Okanagan. He will not disappoint.
Our wedding took place in the middle of the July 2009 Kelowna fires and we expected a somber reception. Jeff brought our spirits up and electrified the atmosphere with his games and personality.

Our guests and family arrived at the beginning of the night strangers and left at the end good friends with “high fives” and back slapping. From the very little information that the groom gave Jeff (sorry Jeff!) he made everyone come together. At the end of the night…comments like “it’s over?” and “where did you find your DJ? He’s incredible” were coming from all of our guests.

We highly recommend making Jeff your MC of the night. This may seem against tradition but you will not regret it as Jeff is professional, works well under pressure and makes the reception flow better than any MC I have ever seen.

The night was side splitting from entrance to last dance. There was not one moment that Jeff didn’t have something “up his sleeve”. From bride/groom kissing games to the infamous “Survivor” you WILL be rolling with laughter that your guests will remember forever.

For a night to remember….You MUST hire DJ HayMaker…

Again, thank you Jeff.

Jeff HayRobert & Isa Laplante
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