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Brent & Danielle Harris

In the beginning, we were going to have a really good friend be our MC, but after meeting with DJ Haymaker for only half an hour we changed our mind because he had us smiling from ear to ear the whole time. Out of many questions that he asked us he asked us one main question, “What do you want your guests to say about your wedding when it is all said and done?” All we said was that we wanted it to be fun and that is exactly what it was, in fact it was ten times more fun and better than we imagined.

All our family and friends were coming up to us the whole night telling us that our DJ/Mc is absolutely hilarious and puts on a really amazing show. Even months after the wedding people still comment that our wedding was the best that they have ever been to and we owe all the credit to DJ Haymaker. So if you want your wedding to turn out better than you can ever possibly imagine, then have DJ Haymaker as your DJ and MC. You will not be disappointed.

Thanks for making the best day of our lives even that much more better. See you at our next function!. Thanks again.

Jeff HayBrent & Danielle Harris
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