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David & Sarah Jane Gullacher

We had an amazing reception. From the appetizers being served while big band music played, to our entrance with the Black Eyed Peas and the the music during our receiving line. Jeff set the mood of the evening and kept us in good spirits.

The week prior to the wedding Jeff took the time to meet with us and find out what we truly wanted from our reception. We told him we wanted to have a fun party with good music and a light atmosphere. Jeff managed to keep the party going and even during dinner. We loved the “Newlywed Game” and the game to get our teams into dinner service. After dinner they played the survivor game and it really brought the guests together. Tables that were next to each other but didn’t know one another were laughing and talking. The hats during the dancing were great.

I would recommend DJ Haymaker to any event. He is amazing.

Jeff HayDavid & Sarah Jane Gullacher
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