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Stacey & Sheldon Bellows

Jeff Hay is a wedding/party genius who is worth his weight in gold.
Jeff played a huge part in the success of our wedding; we couldn’t have had the wedding we dreamed of without him.  Three years ago we had the pleasure of attending a wedding in which Jeff was the MC and DJ, and we had a blast and couldn’t stop talking about that wedding and comparing other weddings to it. When we got engaged we knew we had to have Jeff as our MC/DJ that we were even willing to change our wedding date to get him. Luckily we were able to book Jeff and from that day which was a year before our actual wedding Jeff was there for us to help us answer questions and offer advice.
It was a big stress relief knowing we could always go to Jeff with anything wedding related. On top of his great advice and support Jeff always made sure we kept our love for one another as the most important thing and ensured we were always excited about getting married. Throughout the entire process Jeff went above and beyond for us. Although Jeff didn’t do our ceremony music he helped plan the timeline for the ceremony and the entire day. Jeff even attended our ceremony to watch us get married then went straight to setting up the reception and had everything ready to go well in advance of our reception start time.
Our wedding experience was perfect and everything we dreamed of thanks to Jeff. Our wedding reception was so organized, thought out and ran smoothly from start to finish with no awkward moments. Our guest were so involved in the games and activities that they weren’t watching the clock waiting to leave. Jeff has a way about him, that he gets everyone to participate and have fun especially with his “Survivor” game, which was the hit of the night.
At the end of the night people were asking Jeff for his business card and were commenting on how much fun they had had and that our DJ was amazing and what a great  job he did. It’s been a month since our wedding and people are still talking about it and how great Jeff was. We would recommend Jeff to anyone who wanted a well organized, fun, and memorable wedding, with Jeff you can’t go wrong.
Thanks Jeff for making our wedding memorable!

Jeff HayStacey & Sheldon Bellows
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