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Oliver & Aimee Webbe

When we were planning our Osoyoos wedding from our home in Vancouver, we were told about Dj Haymaker by 2 of our friends who said that they had been to a wedding in Kelowna with the best dj who used hats and games to keep the party going.  I must admit that at first i was a bit skeptic of the hats and games, but from the first e-mails with Jeff Haymaker we could tell he was a complete professional who knew exactly what he was doing.

Jeff maintained contact with us throughout the entire planning process and offered help and ideas to us to make the process a bit easier. My husband and i are very busy people who aren’t always so “prompt” at returning e-mails, but Jeff never lost patience with us! He supplied us with a detailed form to fill out so that he would know exactly what we wanted and so that he could personalize our wedding by adding that little extra touch. He even phoned us a couple days before the wedding so that we could have a little chat about our big day.

Finally our day was here, and i could not have had more fun! Dj haymaker made our night sooo memorable! Starting right from the wedding party introductions he had everyone in hysterics, and put us all in the mood to party. Our guests were amazed that there wasn’t a down moment throughout the entire reception. Before dinner we palyed a fun game to see which tables would eat first, jeff came prepared with laminated A,B,C,D cards for people to use to answer the multiple choice questions about the bride and groom. This brought our guests together and definitely broke the ice.

After dinner, we played was a version of the Newlyweds game, where he brought up my parents and another couple up to play with us. He read the other couples very well, and was able to joke around with them as though he had known them forever! I LOVED this game and could NOT stop laughing!
The last game that was played right before the dancing was the “Survivor” game. I was amazed at how everyone got involved! Our guest had to work together to help their tables win, and DJ haymaker kept everyone motivated thoughout the game. He brought out tribal headgear for the contestants and everyone really got into the tickle trunk!! I couldn’t belive it! I saw a whole other side of our friends and familly that night!

And then the party really got going! Every song we had requested was played, and Jeff read the crowd so well that the dance floor was completly PACKED! There was literally no more room on the dance floor. We danced and danced and danced! Even the people who “don’t dance” were dancing. Dj Haymaker has an incredible talent for reading the crowd and getting everyone going… i heard people saying that he was born to do this; i couldn’t agree more!
Jeff kept the party going as long as people were wanting to party. Even though he had a long drive home after the wedding he never made us feel like we were on a timeline. He stayed to the end and even offered to drive us home!!! We had told him that we wanted people to leave our wedding saying that it was “the best wedding ever”. He deffinitly made this happen, as people are still talking about it.

Thank you Jeff, you really made our day! I’ve had so many people ask for your name and info, and wanting you to travel all over the place; Whistler, Vancouver, even Mexico! You provided a fun, personal, over the top service and we were so lucky to have you at our event. You blended in perfectly and created a one of a kind party.

You really made the night more special then you know. I would recommend you to anyone who would listen!!
Thanks again,
Aimee and Oliver
Hi Jeff,
We had a wonderful time at Aimee & Oliver’s wedding! Yes it was a fun group but my night was made when all those crazy hats came out! I loved it; it was a great ice-breaker & everybody had such fun with them. ( and they made FABULOUS pictures!). What a great idea! Once people were on their feet laughing about the hats, they stayed put for the dancing; even ‘I’ danced which I haven’t done since knee surgery several years ago… You have a very good variety of music for young & old(er) & we had a really fun time.
Normally I cringe at the thought of ‘games’ but we totally enjoyed them, they contributed to the fun atmosphere. Everyone we spoke to said they had a wonderful time.
Jeff you are excellent at your job & you helped make this wedding even more memorable. Thank you!
“Hats off to you”,
Lorraine (Mother of the Bride)

Jeff HayOliver & Aimee Webbe
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