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Sarah & Eric Clark

When planning our wedding it was the chats with Jeff that I looked forward to the most. Wedding planning is challenging, to say the least, and I could always count on Jeff to give us the tips and tricks we needed to pull the event together. Jeff is a Bride’s best friend, you can’t ask for a better organized buddy to keep everything stress-free on the big day. However, he is also THAT guy that everyone wants at your party. You know… the kind of guy that starts the party the moment the moment he walks through the door. Games, jokes, and a big loud voice to make sure everyone knows whats going on. One of the most frequent comments we’ve had since the wedding day other than “Wow, your wedding was perfect!” and “BEST PARTY EVER!” is… “Your DJ was REALLY good.” We couldn’t agree more.

Thanks Jeff for the great chats, stellar ideas, your professionalism and for getting the party started! We are so grateful you were part of our special day!

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Jeff HaySarah & Eric Clark

Amanda & Carl Huestis

As I’m sure to no surprise Carl and I haven’t missed a beat since our wedding day. One week after Kelowna we packed up all of our favorite people and wedding decor and headed off to Ontario for wedding reception number two!  Needless to say the party was great but we missed our favorite DJ!  One month after that we packed our bags to head off on our 32 day honeymoon travelling around Europe.  Ireland, Spain, Italy and the Netherlands.  An absolute trip of a life time that we will never forget. Last but not least, we are looking forward to the little bundle of joy expected to arrive October 4th! Married life has been just as wonderful as we could have imagined.

Even though we are now 6 months married I wanted to share our appreciation for what an important part you played in our amazing day. So here it goes…….

“Where did you find this guy?” “Tonight has been so you guys” “I don’t want the party to stop” “Hands down best wedding DJ/MC we have ever seen” Shall I go on?  Our guests could not stop raving about Jeff and how he topped off the already amazing day.

When we first started planning our wedding the top three important things were our officiant, entertainment and food. We were to spare no expense.  We were referred to Jeff through friends ours that had either used him for their own wedding or had attending one of the events he hosted.  We were assured that we wouldn’t be disappointed.

After chatting on the phone and emailing back and forth we finally got the opportunity to meet up in person. After that we had no doubt that he was going to be worth every penny we had to spend. This guy is so unreal at his job I don’t know how any else in the industry keeps up.  He not only took the time to get to know us on a business level he took the time to really get to know who were were as a couple, individuals and how crazy our families might be!

The amount of detail Jeff takes in and then applies to evening makes every moment so special. As my husband and I are from two opposite sides of the country we had a lot of people coming together for the first time so we really needed someone who could help with getting everyone up and intermingle.  He blew this out of the water!  He worked that room like no ones business not leaving a single person out.

My feet were so sore the next day because I didn’t want to get off the dance floor all night. If the venue would have allowed it we may have kept him there until all wee hours of the morning. As they say all good things must come to an end!

Carl and I couldn’t have imagined our day without Jeff and no words can describe how grateful we are that he was a huge part of such an important day. We can’t wait to hire him for our next event! 5 year anniversary party maybe?!?!?!?!?! And have no doubt we will still have two bus loads of guests for you to entertain.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. You truly are amazing at your job.

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Jeff HayAmanda & Carl Huestis

Brie & Billie Elson

The best money we spent on our wedding was easily having Jeff as our DJ. We knew after seeing him at our friends weddings that we HAD to have him!

From the very start, we knew we were in good hands – his experience helped us through so many important decisions…including what songs we were going to walk down to. He even helped by meeting with us and our JP to make other very memorable decisions about the ceremony.

Then came the reception…one of my favourite parts was the introductions to our wedding party – he took the information we gave him and had everyone in the place laughing until they had tears in their eyes.

The games! Oh the games. Exactly what I had hoped for! He knew exactly how to draw out the crazy in our crowd. So many laughs!

And of course the dancing…I have NEVER seen a dance floor completely full for an entire wedding reception. He did that. He knew how important the dancing was to me and he played EVERY song I could have asked for…sometimes twice if we asked! haha!  He even took video clips throughout the night that I know we will cherish forever.

So much more than just a DJ…he’s an MC…an entertainer…a comedian…and by the end of the night…practically family. He MADE our reception what it was…a night we won’t soon forget.

Thank you so much for everything you did! You MADE that reception!

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Jeff HayBrie & Billie Elson

Chris & Rachel Moch

When Chris and I first started planning our wedding it was overwhelming.

We were given all these dates to choose from and all these vendors who you don’t know a thing about until you review review review on Google. Very time consuming. Since Chris and I lived in Calgary and our wedding was in Kelowna making decisions was even more difficult, that feeling you will make the wrong choice was in the air. Jeff wasn’t the first DJ we spoke with but he was the only one we considered.

Jeff really stood out to us because he wanted to get to know us. From the first correspondence we had to our first face to face meet and greet. He wanted to know everything. Our likes and dislikes, all of our silly quirks, and of course everything about our family and friends involved. The planning forms he uses seem overwhelming at first. Trust me you must fill them out as detailed as possible if you want to laugh until you cry at your wedding.

Chris and I were worried about how both families would come together and party it up on our special day. Jeff had these amazing little tips and tricks. He also had these hilarious games that blew us all away with laughter and fun. I have known some people for years and have never seen them dance like they did the night of my wedding. He really knows how to open people up and make everyone feel welcomed and involved. My family could not believe that Jeff wasn’t a part of the family he has such a warm genuine tone to everything he does.

It became more apparent as the planning process went on that Jeff is the go to guy for absolutely any questions you may have about your wedding. Don’t be shy. When he didn’t know answers he asked other wedding vendors. He made our lives so much easier from planning to our wedding day running flawlessly without a single second of boredom.

Jeff is not just a DJ, he was an entertainer, a super organizer, and a wedding consultant guru to us. It was a bonus he played great music too, even our grandparents loved it! We wanted the best day ever and Jeff made that possible.

Thanks Jeff for everything!  Hope to see you again!

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Jeff HayChris & Rachel Moch

Stephanie & Stewart Bowie

Jeff ( DJ Haymaker ) is so much more than a DJ! He is so awesome and played a huge role in our wedding.

He helped keep me calm as it started to rain just before our ceremony with his positive attitude and was coordinating with our other vendors to think of a new plan! Good news the sun came out just in time !

At our reception he did a great job working with our MC and kept everything on track ! Jeff also had great games to get the party going ! He truly loves his job and has a passion for it .

Jeff kept our party going to the very end with his high energy . All of our family and friends are still raving about not only what a great DJ he was but what a great person. Everyone enjoyed the music he played and kept asking where we found him !

We are so happy with the way our special day was and have heard numerous positive comments and a lot of that is because of Jeff. We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Jeff again and again!!!!

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Jeff HayStephanie & Stewart Bowie

Ha & Jeremy Lee

Jeff was so instrumental in making our big day a huge success. All of our guests afterward were saying they had a great time. Jeff was great at keeping our guests engaged and having fun the entire night, from the game to determine the order of tables to get their food, to the couples game and of course, the dancing. Jeff was also great with “going with the flow” when things didn’t follow the schedule. He made the party so much fun being a great MC and DJ.

We also hired Jeff to do your day-of coordination and everything went seamlessly behind the scenes as far as we could tell. It was great for us to just enjoy the day and rest assured that everything will work out well.

Thanks Jeff for making our big day a fun and memorable one for us and our guests! We definitely recommend DJ Haymaker for anyone looking to throw a great party!

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Jeff HayHa & Jeremy Lee

Lindsay & Ryan

Selecting a DJ / MC for our wedding was not a simple task. So many choices out there and all promising a great experience. We found Jeff – DJ Haymaker online and then met him in person at the Wedding Expo in Kelowna. His personality was exactly what we were looking for; he promised an incredible experience and boy did he over deliver!

Jeff’s expertise goes far and beyond your standard DJ service. Where he really shines is delivering the MC role! In the manner he introduced the head table we felt like we had known him for years. His ability to break the ice with interactive games was both genius and hilarious! His music selection was great and he was totally open to requests. This kept the dance floor full all night long!

We had a technical issue with our laptop which was used to deliver our slide presentation, Jeff was bound and determined to get it working as he knew how important this was to us. He hunted down another laptop and with the help of an IT guy they got it working! The effort he displayed to get this working was nothing short of incredible. Most people would have said,”sorry…” but not Jeff!

If you want to ensure your wedding runs smoothly and your friends experience the Best Wedding Ever, look no further!! We received so many positive comments. The first text message I received the following day was “Funnest wedding ever!” The picture that was attached really made me laugh!

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Jeff HayLindsay & Ryan

Caley & Eddie Redden

My husband and I did not originally plan on adding a DJ service to the budget for our wedding this summer.  We, mistakenly, thought that our day would “do” with an iPod; we assumed someone would take on the role of MC; and we hoped that family would help us coordinate last minute things on the day of.

After 11 years together, we knew what we wanted for our wedding… The conversation about just going down to City Hall had been brought up, and then shot down, when we realized we had waited over a decade to share this moment with our families and closest friends, and it was our wish to celebrate in the best way we could think of.  We wanted fun, we wanted laughter, we wanted love and we wanted the “Best. Wedding. Ever.”

We started to realize that if we wanted a party, we needed a professional, but we were worried about finding someone that could decode our sporadic thoughts, crazy ideas and contradictory music selections.  I called Jeff on a whim after reading an overwhelming amount of positive reviews and recommendations about him on various sites online. After speaking with Jeff on the phone, my now-husband and I KNEW we needed Jeff.  He had charisma, he was funny and fun (yes, we could tell that on the phone), he was caring and incredibly considerate of our wants, needs and limits.

A few weeks before the wedding when my husband and I finally met Jeff in person, we were both beyond stressed.  Life was overwhelming us, planning was drowning us and we were both ready for it all to “just be over”…  One of the first things Jeff asked us was how we were feeling, and when we told him, rather honestly, how we felt, he nodded in understanding and asked questions in concern.  He told us, “by the time we’re done talking today, I promise you will feel 10x, if not more, better then you do just now…”  He was right.

From that moment on and right up until the last hours of our wedding reception, he was right.  Jeff has this incredible talent for what he does.  Not only is he the epitome of professional; but he is outgoing, trustworthy, creative with his games (you HAVE to play the group games he does), funny, an excellent MC, a fabulous day-of coordinator, and an all-around good guy, but he made possible a wedding that we both felt like we had been waiting for, for a very long time.

Thanks Jeff – you gave us the wedding we dreamed of, and to us, that’s priceless.

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Jeff HayCaley & Eddie Redden

Brittany & Tristan Nelson

My husband and I got married July, 1st 2016 at the Eldorado in Kelowna . We picked Jeff to be our DJ pretty early on because he had done my brother and sister in laws wedding 3 years prior and definitely left a lasting impression so I didn’t feel it was really an option to try anyone else.

We are also not from Kelowna we are from Slave Lake, AB and I found Jeff made it really simple and easy for me to deal with long distance. Now as per our wedding he was absolutely amazing. We met a couple days before with Jeff as well as our MC and we all hit it off! The meeting with Jeff got us super exited for the big day. There was one small issue with a song I had picked as it had some talking in the version I had wanted which apparently was not very easy to find so Jeff confirmed with me if it was something I had wanted for sure or not and I assured him it was. I did not have to fret for long about it as Jeff apparently got to work quickly because hours later I had gotten a text assuring me he had found the one I wanted, not that I had any doubts he wouldn’t.

Jeff is one of those people that right off the get go you just feel like you know he will always pull through.

Now to the big day! For our ceremony, I know most brides or grooms say they just “saw the person” didn’t know or hear what else was going on, well I am not that bride haha. Music is just one of those things that makes a moment for me and Jeff pulled it off perfectly. I never once heard a pause when a song  should be starting, no breaking up in the music, he actually even managed to look like a happy guest in the background on some of the pictures our guests had snuck which was totally fun because it is a lot nicer then just being like “oh there is the DJ in the background just doing his job and doesn’t care about the wedding.” which for me is going above and beyond. Also one thing that I didn’t expect was Jeff had actually suggested a photo he had seen done at our wedding location to do with all of our guests and honestly I am so glad he suggested it because I wouldn’t have even thought of it and now we have a photo of all of our guests who attended the wedding which normally people do not get to have!

On to the reception, now I must say our MC got along great with Jeff which doesn’t surprise me because well he is super easy going but their communication made the night amazing everything fell together perfectly and their games were definitely a fan favorite. One of the games we played Jeff had done at the wedding we attended years prior and I was a bit worried a lot of the guests would say ” Oh we did this before blah blah” nope he changed it up just enough that they had a complete blast and are still 28 days later talking about how hilarious it was.

One thing for me though that was most memorable was his ability to remember guests names and faces. We had a lot of guests comment on the fact that he did this and when he announced the guests song he would give a little fun speech about them and the song he was playing for them which really made it feel like he knew everyone from my family personally and like he was a part of the wedding, not just as the DJ but as a friend or family. Even throwing in some funny jokes about  some of my crazy families dance moves or song choices which made everyone crack up including that guest themselves.

I honestly couldn’t have picked a better DJ and judging by the guests comments about how amazing he was I don’t think they think I could have picked a better DJ. Again like I said they are still talking about how the DJ was one of the best parts of the whole wedding. Thanks again Jeff you were AWESOME!!!

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Jeff HayBrittany & Tristan Nelson

Claire & Luke Stang

If we could write a book outlining all the ways Jeff helped us during our wedding it still wouldn’t be enough.  We hired him over a year in advance to DJ/MC our wedding.  Planning a wedding in a city you live 7 hours away from was a daunting task but Jeff ensured that our worry was his priority.  He said from day one of meeting that his main goal was ensure we had peace of mind on our day and that every guest walked away feeling it was the “best wedding ever”.

June 18, 2016 arrived, somewhat overcast in the morning but hey it makes for great pictures right? The outdoor ceremony (with no back up plan I might add) was to start at 3pm and around 2 Mother Nature decided to release a torrential down pour… and she didn’t let up.  Jeff, luckily was up at our venue early and managed to reorganize EVERYTHING to accommodate a ceremony under our reception tent. When I say everything I mean seating, alter, processional, grand entrance, signing of documents and live entertainment.  You don’t realize how much there is to coordinate when you have to do it last minute, in the RAIN. All I can say it thank god for Jeff.  The wedding party and myself showed up and he met with each of us to ensure we were all at ease, understood when and where we walked and enjoyed each minute of it!

Following the ceremony was cocktails and music prior to dinner.  Jeff had the music pumping in the tent and while we were out doing photos people would come up to us and state how much fun everyone in the tent was having.  This was such a relief, I can’t even tell you; especially due to our shattered plan of outdoor lawn games during cocktails and the wet feet!

Our reception rocked, and ALL because of Jeff; holy crap he outdid himself. Between the music mashups, games and jokes everyone was either dancing up a sweat or laughing hysterically. There was never a dull moment, it was absolute perfection and had no hiccups or lulls.  My biggest worry on this day had always been timeline of the reception; which happens first, who initiates what, etc.  Jeff took control, handled it all. We never had to even think, we just enjoyed it and let it all play out and it was beyond amazing.

We truly believe Jeff was the glue to our wedding.  He held it all together, planned and coordinated, offered guidance, and picked up slack in other areas.  In fact, I believe he was the first person we thanked at our speech, simply because he made the day happen.

He is now the biggest part of our wedding story, a dear friend, and our biggest wish for any upcoming weddings!

We love you Jeff!

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Jeff HayClaire & Luke Stang