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Amanda & Carl Huestis

As I’m sure to no surprise Carl and I haven’t missed a beat since our wedding day. One week after Kelowna we packed up all of our favorite people and wedding decor and headed off to Ontario for wedding reception number two!  Needless to say the party was great but we missed our favorite DJ!  One month after that we packed our bags to head off on our 32 day honeymoon travelling around Europe.  Ireland, Spain, Italy and the Netherlands.  An absolute trip of a life time that we will never forget. Last but not least, we are looking forward to the little bundle of joy expected to arrive October 4th! Married life has been just as wonderful as we could have imagined.

Even though we are now 6 months married I wanted to share our appreciation for what an important part you played in our amazing day. So here it goes…….

“Where did you find this guy?” “Tonight has been so you guys” “I don’t want the party to stop” “Hands down best wedding DJ/MC we have ever seen” Shall I go on?  Our guests could not stop raving about Jeff and how he topped off the already amazing day.

When we first started planning our wedding the top three important things were our officiant, entertainment and food. We were to spare no expense.  We were referred to Jeff through friends ours that had either used him for their own wedding or had attending one of the events he hosted.  We were assured that we wouldn’t be disappointed.

After chatting on the phone and emailing back and forth we finally got the opportunity to meet up in person. After that we had no doubt that he was going to be worth every penny we had to spend. This guy is so unreal at his job I don’t know how any else in the industry keeps up.  He not only took the time to get to know us on a business level he took the time to really get to know who were were as a couple, individuals and how crazy our families might be!

The amount of detail Jeff takes in and then applies to evening makes every moment so special. As my husband and I are from two opposite sides of the country we had a lot of people coming together for the first time so we really needed someone who could help with getting everyone up and intermingle.  He blew this out of the water!  He worked that room like no ones business not leaving a single person out.

My feet were so sore the next day because I didn’t want to get off the dance floor all night. If the venue would have allowed it we may have kept him there until all wee hours of the morning. As they say all good things must come to an end!

Carl and I couldn’t have imagined our day without Jeff and no words can describe how grateful we are that he was a huge part of such an important day. We can’t wait to hire him for our next event! 5 year anniversary party maybe?!?!?!?!?! And have no doubt we will still have two bus loads of guests for you to entertain.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. You truly are amazing at your job.

Jeff HayAmanda & Carl Huestis
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