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Caley & Eddie Redden

My husband and I did not originally plan on adding a DJ service to the budget for our wedding this summer.  We, mistakenly, thought that our day would “do” with an iPod; we assumed someone would take on the role of MC; and we hoped that family would help us coordinate last minute things on the day of.

After 11 years together, we knew what we wanted for our wedding… The conversation about just going down to City Hall had been brought up, and then shot down, when we realized we had waited over a decade to share this moment with our families and closest friends, and it was our wish to celebrate in the best way we could think of.  We wanted fun, we wanted laughter, we wanted love and we wanted the “Best. Wedding. Ever.”

We started to realize that if we wanted a party, we needed a professional, but we were worried about finding someone that could decode our sporadic thoughts, crazy ideas and contradictory music selections.  I called Jeff on a whim after reading an overwhelming amount of positive reviews and recommendations about him on various sites online. After speaking with Jeff on the phone, my now-husband and I KNEW we needed Jeff.  He had charisma, he was funny and fun (yes, we could tell that on the phone), he was caring and incredibly considerate of our wants, needs and limits.

A few weeks before the wedding when my husband and I finally met Jeff in person, we were both beyond stressed.  Life was overwhelming us, planning was drowning us and we were both ready for it all to “just be over”…  One of the first things Jeff asked us was how we were feeling, and when we told him, rather honestly, how we felt, he nodded in understanding and asked questions in concern.  He told us, “by the time we’re done talking today, I promise you will feel 10x, if not more, better then you do just now…”  He was right.

From that moment on and right up until the last hours of our wedding reception, he was right.  Jeff has this incredible talent for what he does.  Not only is he the epitome of professional; but he is outgoing, trustworthy, creative with his games (you HAVE to play the group games he does), funny, an excellent MC, a fabulous day-of coordinator, and an all-around good guy, but he made possible a wedding that we both felt like we had been waiting for, for a very long time.

Thanks Jeff – you gave us the wedding we dreamed of, and to us, that’s priceless.

Jeff HayCaley & Eddie Redden
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