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Brittany & Tristan Nelson

My husband and I got married July, 1st 2016 at the Eldorado in Kelowna . We picked Jeff to be our DJ pretty early on because he had done my brother and sister in laws wedding 3 years prior and definitely left a lasting impression so I didn’t feel it was really an option to try anyone else.

We are also not from Kelowna we are from Slave Lake, AB and I found Jeff made it really simple and easy for me to deal with long distance. Now as per our wedding he was absolutely amazing. We met a couple days before with Jeff as well as our MC and we all hit it off! The meeting with Jeff got us super exited for the big day. There was one small issue with a song I had picked as it had some talking in the version I had wanted which apparently was not very easy to find so Jeff confirmed with me if it was something I had wanted for sure or not and I assured him it was. I did not have to fret for long about it as Jeff apparently got to work quickly because hours later I had gotten a text assuring me he had found the one I wanted, not that I had any doubts he wouldn’t.

Jeff is one of those people that right off the get go you just feel like you know he will always pull through.

Now to the big day! For our ceremony, I know most brides or grooms say they just “saw the person” didn’t know or hear what else was going on, well I am not that bride haha. Music is just one of those things that makes a moment for me and Jeff pulled it off perfectly. I never once heard a pause when a song  should be starting, no breaking up in the music, he actually even managed to look like a happy guest in the background on some of the pictures our guests had snuck which was totally fun because it is a lot nicer then just being like “oh there is the DJ in the background just doing his job and doesn’t care about the wedding.” which for me is going above and beyond. Also one thing that I didn’t expect was Jeff had actually suggested a photo he had seen done at our wedding location to do with all of our guests and honestly I am so glad he suggested it because I wouldn’t have even thought of it and now we have a photo of all of our guests who attended the wedding which normally people do not get to have!

On to the reception, now I must say our MC got along great with Jeff which doesn’t surprise me because well he is super easy going but their communication made the night amazing everything fell together perfectly and their games were definitely a fan favorite. One of the games we played Jeff had done at the wedding we attended years prior and I was a bit worried a lot of the guests would say ” Oh we did this before blah blah” nope he changed it up just enough that they had a complete blast and are still 28 days later talking about how hilarious it was.

One thing for me though that was most memorable was his ability to remember guests names and faces. We had a lot of guests comment on the fact that he did this and when he announced the guests song he would give a little fun speech about them and the song he was playing for them which really made it feel like he knew everyone from my family personally and like he was a part of the wedding, not just as the DJ but as a friend or family. Even throwing in some funny jokes about  some of my crazy families dance moves or song choices which made everyone crack up including that guest themselves.

I honestly couldn’t have picked a better DJ and judging by the guests comments about how amazing he was I don’t think they think I could have picked a better DJ. Again like I said they are still talking about how the DJ was one of the best parts of the whole wedding. Thanks again Jeff you were AWESOME!!!

Jeff HayBrittany & Tristan Nelson
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