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Claire & Luke Stang

If we could write a book outlining all the ways Jeff helped us during our wedding it still wouldn’t be enough.  We hired him over a year in advance to DJ/MC our wedding.  Planning a wedding in a city you live 7 hours away from was a daunting task but Jeff ensured that our worry was his priority.  He said from day one of meeting that his main goal was ensure we had peace of mind on our day and that every guest walked away feeling it was the “best wedding ever”.

June 18, 2016 arrived, somewhat overcast in the morning but hey it makes for great pictures right? The outdoor ceremony (with no back up plan I might add) was to start at 3pm and around 2 Mother Nature decided to release a torrential down pour… and she didn’t let up.  Jeff, luckily was up at our venue early and managed to reorganize EVERYTHING to accommodate a ceremony under our reception tent. When I say everything I mean seating, alter, processional, grand entrance, signing of documents and live entertainment.  You don’t realize how much there is to coordinate when you have to do it last minute, in the RAIN. All I can say it thank god for Jeff.  The wedding party and myself showed up and he met with each of us to ensure we were all at ease, understood when and where we walked and enjoyed each minute of it!

Following the ceremony was cocktails and music prior to dinner.  Jeff had the music pumping in the tent and while we were out doing photos people would come up to us and state how much fun everyone in the tent was having.  This was such a relief, I can’t even tell you; especially due to our shattered plan of outdoor lawn games during cocktails and the wet feet!

Our reception rocked, and ALL because of Jeff; holy crap he outdid himself. Between the music mashups, games and jokes everyone was either dancing up a sweat or laughing hysterically. There was never a dull moment, it was absolute perfection and had no hiccups or lulls.  My biggest worry on this day had always been timeline of the reception; which happens first, who initiates what, etc.  Jeff took control, handled it all. We never had to even think, we just enjoyed it and let it all play out and it was beyond amazing.

We truly believe Jeff was the glue to our wedding.  He held it all together, planned and coordinated, offered guidance, and picked up slack in other areas.  In fact, I believe he was the first person we thanked at our speech, simply because he made the day happen.

He is now the biggest part of our wedding story, a dear friend, and our biggest wish for any upcoming weddings!

We love you Jeff!

Jeff HayClaire & Luke Stang
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