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Chris & Rachel Moch

When Chris and I first started planning our wedding it was overwhelming.

We were given all these dates to choose from and all these vendors who you don’t know a thing about until you review review review on Google. Very time consuming. Since Chris and I lived in Calgary and our wedding was in Kelowna making decisions was even more difficult, that feeling you will make the wrong choice was in the air. Jeff wasn’t the first DJ we spoke with but he was the only one we considered.

Jeff really stood out to us because he wanted to get to know us. From the first correspondence we had to our first face to face meet and greet. He wanted to know everything. Our likes and dislikes, all of our silly quirks, and of course everything about our family and friends involved. The planning forms he uses seem overwhelming at first. Trust me you must fill them out as detailed as possible if you want to laugh until you cry at your wedding.

Chris and I were worried about how both families would come together and party it up on our special day. Jeff had these amazing little tips and tricks. He also had these hilarious games that blew us all away with laughter and fun. I have known some people for years and have never seen them dance like they did the night of my wedding. He really knows how to open people up and make everyone feel welcomed and involved. My family could not believe that Jeff wasn’t a part of the family he has such a warm genuine tone to everything he does.

It became more apparent as the planning process went on that Jeff is the go to guy for absolutely any questions you may have about your wedding. Don’t be shy. When he didn’t know answers he asked other wedding vendors. He made our lives so much easier from planning to our wedding day running flawlessly without a single second of boredom.

Jeff is not just a DJ, he was an entertainer, a super organizer, and a wedding consultant guru to us. It was a bonus he played great music too, even our grandparents loved it! We wanted the best day ever and Jeff made that possible.

Thanks Jeff for everything!  Hope to see you again!

Jeff HayChris & Rachel Moch
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