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Kristy & Cary McDell

Having been a bartender for years I know the value of a good party! I’ve heard the good, bad, and ugly when it comes to DJs… and then I’ve heard DJ Haymaker. He falls into into a category all of his own – SUPERB! Over the course of a year I heard DJ Haymaker entertaining guests every Friday, Saturday and Sunday night at weddings and Christmas parties at the Harvest Golf Club where I tended bar. You would think after so many nights of hearing the same DJ that I would get bored – not the case! Without fail, every party-goer who came to my bar loved him… it’s definitely thanks to him that I had to work so many late nights – people just wouldn’t go home when he was there.

When I got engaged I knew I needed Jeff Hay aka DJ Haymaker to DJ my wedding. I wanted the biggest, best, and most spectacular wedding around and knew that Jeff was the guy to make it happen. I can be difficult to work with – I want what I want when I want it. Jeff was instrumental in making everything I wanted happen. From meeting with us to plan everything, sourcing some difficult to find songs for our ceremony, working out last-minute details and basically acting as DJ-meets-wedding-planner, Jeff was nothing short of amazing!!

We had a very diverse crowd of people – from age 19 – 90. Jeff made sure that everyone had a great time – when it looked like people were about to leave, Jeff would do some quick thinking DJ Magic and play a song to get them all back up on the floor again. Our party raged on all night thanks to Jeff! He made sure people stayed hyped up and ready to party.

Everyone at the wedding commented that Jeff was worth his weight in gold. Even my 90 year old grandfather thought the games and activities were fun! Yes, games at a wedding!! It was a great ice breaker and allowed everyone to let loose in preparation to get their party on! I would not hesitate to recommend DJ Haymaker for whatever event you may be having.

If you a bridezilla like me I can assure you that nothing shocks him! He will put your worries at easy and he will treat you with the utmost respect and professionalism! You better book him early though – DJ Jeff Haymaker is highly in demand!!!

Thanks so much Jeff!
Kristy and Cary!

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Jeff HayKristy & Cary McDell

Alicia & Ryan Mayne

We want to let you know what a great help you have been to Ryan and myself, from the initial planning right up to the day of our wedding. We booked you before anything else and the help you provided to us about other aspects of the wedding (photographer and venue, etc.) were crucial in making our wedding as great as it was.

We could always count on you for feedback and ideas. On the wedding day itself, you were organized and made sure we knew exactly where we were supposed to be and what time things should be done. We did not feel stressed at all and the night flowed so seamlessly that we were able to relax and have fun!

The games and activities made the night unforgettable and your ability to make everyone in my wedding party feel important was so special; we had a wedding party of 12 and they commented that you knew their names!! That was awesome. Ryan and I felt that you were able to capture exactly what we had in mind for our wedding and the day was perfect!!

We are so grateful to have had you be a part of our day. We would recommend you to anyone that wants their wedding to be everything they dreamed of!! People are still commenting on what a great wedding it was and how much fun they had; we have had more than one person say that it was the most fun wedding they had ever been to!! So Thank you again Jeff for the best day of our lives!!

Alicia & Ryan Mayne


Also Jeff…here is what my mom wanted to say…

We cannot tell you how important you were in making our daughters reception “the best time ever!” You proved to be the ice breaker that brought friends and strangers together. Even weeks after the wedding your performance is the talk of many conversations. Thank you for delivering on your promise to make it the most unforgettable evening. We will recommend you to my co-workers, friends and family.

Thank you again,
Brian & Karen Cox

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Jeff HayAlicia & Ryan Mayne

Kevin & Lara

From the Mother of the Bride…

Where to start……..

We were very excited to have DJ Haymaker at my daughter’s wedding.

We had experienced Jeff in action at other events and knew the energy he could put into an evening. We were not disappointed.

From immediately after the ceremony to the last dance of the evening Jeff kept the evening flowing.

Tasteful, fun, action packed, exceptionally amusing it was all there.

The dance floor was full from the first song to the last, credit also to the amazing crowd we had at the wedding but also to Jeff’s skills in reading that crowd.

Thanks Jeff

Mary-Lee Dumont

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Jeff HayKevin & Lara

Andrea & Rob Gray

The first time I met Jeff I just had the girls with me. Right off the bat I loved his energy, all of his ideas, willingness to help and especially his personality! I knew right away, he was the guy for Rob and I to have on our special day. The weeks leading up to the wedding, as per normal, were a tad stressful- a HUGE thank you to Jeff for helping me with that. Getting the time line and introductions/bios all figured out was a blast.

I must say I was all for the, what did we call them Jeff, “ice breakers” (games), from the beginning….Rob, not so much. He didn’t want our special day to turn into, in his words, a circus. Boy was he (and I was too) pleasantly surprised! The games were all enjoyable and they were all huge hits, a great way for both sides to interact and get to know each other

Everything from the start of the ceremony to the end of the evening was PERFECT! full of energy and I must say a packed dance floor ALL night (which was our goal). The only complaint I had that day was that it had to come to an end. It is just awesome to hear people still talking about how much fun they had at our wedding… and ” wow, where did you find that DJ, he was AWESOME! “.

Thank you so much Jeff for having a huge part in making our day so incredibly special.

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Jeff HayAndrea & Rob Gray

Laura & Cam Henry


We just wanted to take the time to thank you once again for the amazing job you did as our Wedding DJ and MC. From the first time we met, right up until the last guests left, you were so helpful and always professional. Your ideas and suggestions, calming presence, and energetic personality were invaluable to the success of our big day.

The whole day truly went off without a hitch. With your helpful advice and organizational skills, we were able to put together the perfect ceremony. Everything flowed so well. And then the reception, oh the reception! Everyone had such an amazing time! The games we played were terrific ice breakers and really brought everyone together. Your MC skills were top notch as well, and you had everyone laughing and enjoying themselves all night. You were able to make everyone feel included and comfortable, which was very important to us. The dance had to be our favourite part of the night though. From beginning to end you were able to keep the dance floor packed! We have never experienced such an amazing dance (nor had anyone else we spoke to). We were especially excited that you were able to accommodate some of our non-traditional song requests. You really catered to what we wanted to hear! Our wedding was so fun that we couldn’t even bring ourselves to leave, we stayed until the bitter end!

We would highly recommend your services to anyone planning a wedding or other event. Thanks to all of your hard work behind the scenes, we were able to just relax and completely enjoy our special day. The amount of compliments we received about your work and the wedding in general were off the charts. We couldn’t have imagined the day without you. Thanks Jeff, you are the best!!

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Jeff HayLaura & Cam Henry

Karen & Trenton Richinski

So wow. What can I say. I can’t believe the big day has come and gone already. After meeting you in person an entire year in advance I never thought the day would actually come.

At our first meeting you were such a joy to talk to and bounce ideas off. Trenton and I were both so happy and excited to work with you, we just had to wait such a long time.

Then when the big day finally came we were both so so happy with the way everything turned out. Everything you suggested was a great idea and everyone was so shocked at the amazing job you did. I have never been to a wedding with so much laughter, excitement and energy the entire night. Everyone was out of their seat and having the best time ever if they knew people or not. The night was exactly what Trenton and I dreamed of.

You are so easy to approach and talk to and I think everyone go that impression and it felt like you were completely a part of the family which was phenomenal. I got so many complements throughout the night about how amazing you were. Everyone was completely shocked and amazed. I still to this day can’t believe how good you are with names and how well you read
everyone. It truly felt like you knew all of us for years not a few hours.

Thank you so much Jeff. It’s has been an honor to meet and work with you and I can’t imagine our day without you in it. You played such a huge role and I don’t have a single complaint. Everything you did was above and beyond…….it was absolutely Perfect!!!

All the best to you and thanks again for a spectacular night!!!


P.S. Thanks again for everything. I don’t know how to explain in words how pleased we were with everything.

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Jeff HayKaren & Trenton Richinski

Justin & Tabitha Balfour

Jeff asked us what kind of wedding we wanted to have and what we wanted people to remember the most. We told him we wanted a fun, magical, unique and WOW wedding and that’s just what he gave us. We could not be more pleased with his personalized custom service to us before, during and after the wedding. People say that a DJ can make or break your wedding and we, our families and our friends, feel that Jeff MADE our wedding. Everyone had a brilliant time, his games and the way he MC’d for us was off the charts and we would hire him again in a heartbeat to do any other party we might be throwing in the future.

– Jeff rocked the house! He made our Wedding… LEGEND!

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Jeff HayJustin & Tabitha Balfour

Darek & Trisha Mitchell

Just wanted to pass along some feedback we are getting about the wedding.

Auntie Diane – “the best wedding reception I have ever been to”

Larry – “Definitely worth having for any kind of event. He seems to mold to the crowd”

Craig and Joy – “the guy was awesome!”

Auntie Gay – “I haven’t had that much fun in probably 20 years”.

Uncle Don and Aunt Betty – “oh Man he was good. we want to hire him for our daughters wedding.”

Dalyce – “Thank you for making sure this wedding didn’t turn into a big old family dinner. With your fun games and quick wit… you had us busting a gut laughing and partying like it was 1999.”

Mom – “One of the most enjoyable wedding experiences I’ve ever had. I’m impressed that he made a point of learning guests names in order to personalize his show to the party, made it feel like he himself was a guest too. Very nice. His games were creative and fun and he provided an atmosphere where even the most shy of people let down their hair and let loose. Amazing!”

So Jeff I am not that great with words but you were very helpful. your recommendations for the caterer proved yummy. you saved us a lot of work by being at the wedding ceremony location to do the wedding music then rippin back to my house to be there when the guests showed up for the reception. you provided the perfect kind of games that entertained all the ages 5 years to 86 years old. you made everyone feel so comfortable, some one even gave up there bra for the sake of “surviving” . the music and lighting added the perfect atmosphere for all ages to let loose and dance till they ran out of breath…. and you left out the macarena…. thank you!

Oh and thank you for not chickening out when the cops came because we were having too much fun and being too loud! however thanks for calling it quits right away when the cops called back warning us of a fine that was coming if we didn’t make you stop, cause there ain’t no such thing as having too much fun!

Dalyce (sister of the bride)

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Jeff HayDarek & Trisha Mitchell

David & Lindsay Boyd

If you have even spoken to Jeff on the phone you get a great idea of how much enthusiasm he will bring to your celebration. He is fully involved in the process from the start and even plays the role of wedding planner with his hints and tips. He really gets involved and knew the names of many of our guests by the end of the night.

We can’t say enough about how much Jeff added to our day. He made the timing of the reception run so smoothly and it was the most fun we have had all year. We didn’t want to leave at the end of the night! My uncle said it was the most fun he has had in many years, and he is in his sixties! All of our guests said the same thing – ‘It was the most fun I have ever had at a wedding’. The games were great and Jeff is a pro at getting everybody on the dance floor because he plays such a great mix of songs. There is not a single dull moment because, as emcee, he always keeps the momentum rolling.

Of all the stupid stuff that you end up spending money on for a wedding (and believe me, especially in the last three weeks there is A LOT) booking Jeff as your DJ is worth every penny. If I had to give up on other stuff to afford him I would!

Jeff, thanks very much for an absolutely fantastic party. I heard the cops showed up after we left at 2:30!!

Thank you again – you really made it great!

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Jeff HayDavid & Lindsay Boyd

Alan & Kelli Jordan

When we started our search for a DJ, we asked several people who they recommended, and the name that kept coming up was ‘DJ Haymaker’. Now we definitely know why.

The first time we met, he was able to get us instantly psyched for the party. He took the time to get to know us, and asked alot of questions about what our vision was for the perfect wedding, so that he could give us exactly what we wanted. He was able to recommend other vendors as well, which all helped us with organizing our big day. Jeff also had a large part in planning the timeline for the evening, and offered suggestions to keep the party flowing and smooth. He brought something to the planning that neither of us had: experience.

His services at the reception were everything would could have asked for and more. He really made the day easy and carefree, so that we could just enjoy ourselves. During our reception, he took care of problems as they arose, behind the scenes, without us ever knowing anything was wrong until after it was fixed. He really took a load off our shoulders, and seemed more than happy to do so.

We chose Jeff to be our MC after some discussion, because above all else, we could feel the energy and enthusiasm he brought to our meetings, and we could tell instantly that he would bring that to our wedding, because that’s apart of him and his personality. We wanted someone to MC that knew us, and since we connected with Jeff so easily, we felt he would be perfect, and he was.

Throughout the night, Jeff kept the crowd entertained through his many games and activities. We particularly enjoyed the way he introduced the bridal party with ‘fact fact fiction’, the trivia about us that picked the order of tables for dinner, the flag game, the times when people clinked their glasses, and most of all the survivor game (which he had everyone howling). His trunk of hats was fantastic, and created a fun atmosphere.

Jeff was such a trooper, and played the music as long as we wanted, which was until aprox 3am. I loved how the dance floor was always full. Jeff did a great job of reading the crowd, and playing music that got everyone pumped. As the crowd started to drift away, Jeff kept playing music for just my husband and I to dance to, and we slow danced until 4am as Jeff gradually started putting his equipment away. He chose to play special songs that suited the moment or had personal significance to us. It was the perfect way to end the perfect evening.

At the wedding we had 150 guests, and anyone we’ve talked to since has told us it was the best wedding they’ve ever been to. From ages 10 to age 90, all of our guests have had nothing but positive things to say, and all of them keep mentioning the DJ. He has an amazing ability to read people and energies, and was able to keep the party flowing all night long, on and off the dance floor, for all age groups.

Jeff loves his job, loves what he does, and it really shows.

Jeff, thank you so much for your DJing and MCing. You really played a big part in making the day that much more special. If we ever have any functions in the future, you will defiantly be our guy, and we will certainly recommend you to others.

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Jeff HayAlan & Kelli Jordan