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Alan & Kelli Jordan

When we started our search for a DJ, we asked several people who they recommended, and the name that kept coming up was ‘DJ Haymaker’. Now we definitely know why.

The first time we met, he was able to get us instantly psyched for the party. He took the time to get to know us, and asked alot of questions about what our vision was for the perfect wedding, so that he could give us exactly what we wanted. He was able to recommend other vendors as well, which all helped us with organizing our big day. Jeff also had a large part in planning the timeline for the evening, and offered suggestions to keep the party flowing and smooth. He brought something to the planning that neither of us had: experience.

His services at the reception were everything would could have asked for and more. He really made the day easy and carefree, so that we could just enjoy ourselves. During our reception, he took care of problems as they arose, behind the scenes, without us ever knowing anything was wrong until after it was fixed. He really took a load off our shoulders, and seemed more than happy to do so.

We chose Jeff to be our MC after some discussion, because above all else, we could feel the energy and enthusiasm he brought to our meetings, and we could tell instantly that he would bring that to our wedding, because that’s apart of him and his personality. We wanted someone to MC that knew us, and since we connected with Jeff so easily, we felt he would be perfect, and he was.

Throughout the night, Jeff kept the crowd entertained through his many games and activities. We particularly enjoyed the way he introduced the bridal party with ‘fact fact fiction’, the trivia about us that picked the order of tables for dinner, the flag game, the times when people clinked their glasses, and most of all the survivor game (which he had everyone howling). His trunk of hats was fantastic, and created a fun atmosphere.

Jeff was such a trooper, and played the music as long as we wanted, which was until aprox 3am. I loved how the dance floor was always full. Jeff did a great job of reading the crowd, and playing music that got everyone pumped. As the crowd started to drift away, Jeff kept playing music for just my husband and I to dance to, and we slow danced until 4am as Jeff gradually started putting his equipment away. He chose to play special songs that suited the moment or had personal significance to us. It was the perfect way to end the perfect evening.

At the wedding we had 150 guests, and anyone we’ve talked to since has told us it was the best wedding they’ve ever been to. From ages 10 to age 90, all of our guests have had nothing but positive things to say, and all of them keep mentioning the DJ. He has an amazing ability to read people and energies, and was able to keep the party flowing all night long, on and off the dance floor, for all age groups.

Jeff loves his job, loves what he does, and it really shows.

Jeff, thank you so much for your DJing and MCing. You really played a big part in making the day that much more special. If we ever have any functions in the future, you will defiantly be our guy, and we will certainly recommend you to others.

Jeff HayAlan & Kelli Jordan
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