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David & Lindsay Boyd

If you have even spoken to Jeff on the phone you get a great idea of how much enthusiasm he will bring to your celebration. He is fully involved in the process from the start and even plays the role of wedding planner with his hints and tips. He really gets involved and knew the names of many of our guests by the end of the night.

We can’t say enough about how much Jeff added to our day. He made the timing of the reception run so smoothly and it was the most fun we have had all year. We didn’t want to leave at the end of the night! My uncle said it was the most fun he has had in many years, and he is in his sixties! All of our guests said the same thing – ‘It was the most fun I have ever had at a wedding’. The games were great and Jeff is a pro at getting everybody on the dance floor because he plays such a great mix of songs. There is not a single dull moment because, as emcee, he always keeps the momentum rolling.

Of all the stupid stuff that you end up spending money on for a wedding (and believe me, especially in the last three weeks there is A LOT) booking Jeff as your DJ is worth every penny. If I had to give up on other stuff to afford him I would!

Jeff, thanks very much for an absolutely fantastic party. I heard the cops showed up after we left at 2:30!!

Thank you again – you really made it great!

Jeff HayDavid & Lindsay Boyd
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