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Karen & Trenton Richinski

So wow. What can I say. I can’t believe the big day has come and gone already. After meeting you in person an entire year in advance I never thought the day would actually come.

At our first meeting you were such a joy to talk to and bounce ideas off. Trenton and I were both so happy and excited to work with you, we just had to wait such a long time.

Then when the big day finally came we were both so so happy with the way everything turned out. Everything you suggested was a great idea and everyone was so shocked at the amazing job you did. I have never been to a wedding with so much laughter, excitement and energy the entire night. Everyone was out of their seat and having the best time ever if they knew people or not. The night was exactly what Trenton and I dreamed of.

You are so easy to approach and talk to and I think everyone go that impression and it felt like you were completely a part of the family which was phenomenal. I got so many complements throughout the night about how amazing you were. Everyone was completely shocked and amazed. I still to this day can’t believe how good you are with names and how well you read
everyone. It truly felt like you knew all of us for years not a few hours.

Thank you so much Jeff. It’s has been an honor to meet and work with you and I can’t imagine our day without you in it. You played such a huge role and I don’t have a single complaint. Everything you did was above and beyond…….it was absolutely Perfect!!!

All the best to you and thanks again for a spectacular night!!!


P.S. Thanks again for everything. I don’t know how to explain in words how pleased we were with everything.

Jeff HayKaren & Trenton Richinski
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