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Kristy & Cary McDell

Having been a bartender for years I know the value of a good party! I’ve heard the good, bad, and ugly when it comes to DJs… and then I’ve heard DJ Haymaker. He falls into into a category all of his own – SUPERB! Over the course of a year I heard DJ Haymaker entertaining guests every Friday, Saturday and Sunday night at weddings and Christmas parties at the Harvest Golf Club where I tended bar. You would think after so many nights of hearing the same DJ that I would get bored – not the case! Without fail, every party-goer who came to my bar loved him… it’s definitely thanks to him that I had to work so many late nights – people just wouldn’t go home when he was there.

When I got engaged I knew I needed Jeff Hay aka DJ Haymaker to DJ my wedding. I wanted the biggest, best, and most spectacular wedding around and knew that Jeff was the guy to make it happen. I can be difficult to work with – I want what I want when I want it. Jeff was instrumental in making everything I wanted happen. From meeting with us to plan everything, sourcing some difficult to find songs for our ceremony, working out last-minute details and basically acting as DJ-meets-wedding-planner, Jeff was nothing short of amazing!!

We had a very diverse crowd of people – from age 19 – 90. Jeff made sure that everyone had a great time – when it looked like people were about to leave, Jeff would do some quick thinking DJ Magic and play a song to get them all back up on the floor again. Our party raged on all night thanks to Jeff! He made sure people stayed hyped up and ready to party.

Everyone at the wedding commented that Jeff was worth his weight in gold. Even my 90 year old grandfather thought the games and activities were fun! Yes, games at a wedding!! It was a great ice breaker and allowed everyone to let loose in preparation to get their party on! I would not hesitate to recommend DJ Haymaker for whatever event you may be having.

If you a bridezilla like me I can assure you that nothing shocks him! He will put your worries at easy and he will treat you with the utmost respect and professionalism! You better book him early though – DJ Jeff Haymaker is highly in demand!!!

Thanks so much Jeff!
Kristy and Cary!

Jeff HayKristy & Cary McDell
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