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Darek & Trisha Mitchell

Just wanted to pass along some feedback we are getting about the wedding.

Auntie Diane – “the best wedding reception I have ever been to”

Larry – “Definitely worth having for any kind of event. He seems to mold to the crowd”

Craig and Joy – “the guy was awesome!”

Auntie Gay – “I haven’t had that much fun in probably 20 years”.

Uncle Don and Aunt Betty – “oh Man he was good. we want to hire him for our daughters wedding.”

Dalyce – “Thank you for making sure this wedding didn’t turn into a big old family dinner. With your fun games and quick wit… you had us busting a gut laughing and partying like it was 1999.”

Mom – “One of the most enjoyable wedding experiences I’ve ever had. I’m impressed that he made a point of learning guests names in order to personalize his show to the party, made it feel like he himself was a guest too. Very nice. His games were creative and fun and he provided an atmosphere where even the most shy of people let down their hair and let loose. Amazing!”

So Jeff I am not that great with words but you were very helpful. your recommendations for the caterer proved yummy. you saved us a lot of work by being at the wedding ceremony location to do the wedding music then rippin back to my house to be there when the guests showed up for the reception. you provided the perfect kind of games that entertained all the ages 5 years to 86 years old. you made everyone feel so comfortable, some one even gave up there bra for the sake of “surviving” . the music and lighting added the perfect atmosphere for all ages to let loose and dance till they ran out of breath…. and you left out the macarena…. thank you!

Oh and thank you for not chickening out when the cops came because we were having too much fun and being too loud! however thanks for calling it quits right away when the cops called back warning us of a fine that was coming if we didn’t make you stop, cause there ain’t no such thing as having too much fun!

Dalyce (sister of the bride)

Jeff HayDarek & Trisha Mitchell
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