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Trevor & Colleen Harrington

As funny as this sounds, I would truthfully say that it’s almost as hard to write a recommendation for Jeff as it was to write our wedding vows! Not because recommending Jeff is hard & but because it’s difficult to put into words how truly amazing he was throughout our entire wedding planning process! Contractually Jeff was our DJ & MC, but realistically Jeff was our own personal Wedding Planner and most importantly a new friend!

Jeff was recommended to Trevor & I by our wedding venue: The Harvest Golf Club. Being that we are from Alberta, we relied on him more then most couples! Jeff was our go-to-guy for suggestions on everything from good restaurants to have rehearsal dinners, to the best companies for floral arrangements, to suggestions for a wedding officiant &. I even went as far as to ask him which Salon to get my hair & make-up done at! To his credit (in more ways then one), that was the only question he was unable to answer!

One of the most distinct & memorable aspects of working with Jeff is the ways he gets to know the bride & groom and all of their family & friends. All through the wedding guests were coming up and asking how long we have known Jeff and where we met. Everyone was astonished to hear that we actually aren’t “distant cousins” and that Jeff is just the DJ! This just goes to show how much effort he puts into making the wedding personal and in taking the time to truly know who everyone is!

Anyone & everyone who has ever had the privilege to attend a wedding with Jeff would know the second best thing about him & that is how FUN he makes the night! I honestly have never laughed so much in my life or smiled as hard! Jeff’s commentary throughout the evening is absolutely hilarious and his games and creativity made the night into one big Party!

This letter truly does not do Jeff justice. I could go on for pages on all of the things he did for us and the ways he made our Wedding day magical. It was a day that no one will ever forget; it is a day that I will dream about for the rest of my life.

Thank you Jeff for all the memories, laughter & smiles!

Jeff HayTrevor & Colleen Harrington
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