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Amy & Dan Kerr

Hi Jeff,

Well- We really wanted to start out with a HUGE thanks!!! The whole reception rocked!
Dan & I enjoyed every minute of it (& looking back at pictures, memories are starting to come back!)

When we started planning our wedding- we were going on recommendations from people. Because we live in Calgary, it made the planning alot more challenging. & you made it so easy for us. The stress of planning a wedding, on top of living 7 hours away & having no one to help us in Kelowna- it was awesome having someone you can turn to for questions, tips, & just a never ending source of information. We can never thank you enough.

The ceremony was everything we imagined it to be. It was defiantly a challenge for me to give up control for the ceremony. In order to complete photos- we had family members set up the ceremony- so walking in, I had no idea what to expect. I was so surprised with the whole beach scene. Because of the wind that day, I couldn’t hear the music until we were at the beginning of the aisle & it made everything real once I heard the music. The vows were a blur for me- but I remember the music during the signing & recessional. It was perfectly timed; nothing went wrong- You knew exactly what to do for everything. I couldn’t have asked for a better day!

During the reception- I was completely blown away. The wedding quiz about Dan & I was so much fun. Wedding survivor was the funniest thing I’ve ever seen/participated in at a wedding. My family is still talking about my brother bringing up false teeth for the “something dental” task!!! The shoe game was hilarious. I knew Dan & I would not get even close to winning because we are complete opposites (obviously) but to see my parents & Dans parents partake- I’ve never had so much fun & laughed so much at a wedding.

During the dancing portion of the reception (which was great!) I have 2 moments that really stick out in my memory. The first being the father/daughter dance – The way you got everyone to sing brown eyed girl back to us while we were dancing, that was too cool. & secondly – the dance marathon with all the hats!! We both loved that & have many pictures of people with hats, especially the m&m.

In the couple of days after the wedding, we got together with Dan’s extended family & immediate family for a wing night at the campground. Well- we showed up & mark was walking around the campground dressed up in his Corona gear- HEAD TO TOE, with something big & shiny hanging around his neck. Low & behold, it’s a trophy. A trophy with a turkey on top, hanging around his neck by a very fine ribbon. He is more loving being called “waldo.”

I’ve been told to pass this message one “expect more photos of him in the future”

I’ve attached a couple of photos!

We can’t thank you enough Jeff, the whole wedding was amazing. We have people telling us that it was the best wedding they’ve ever been to & whoever is next to get married has a lot to live up to!

Thank you bunches & bunches!!

Jeff HayAmy & Dan Kerr
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