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Paulette & Sean Brager


Thanks for making our wedding the best wedding we could ask for. As we have used you for staff events in the past, we absolutely knew that we had to have you. The first thing booked was the DJ!

You were such a huge help all the way through the wedding process. When we had reservations about changing up the songs which are ‘the norm’ at ceremonies, you encouraged us to make it OUR wedding and helped us pick out songs that were us to play as we entered and left the church. As well you provided input to all aspects of our wedding where most other DJ’s would have the deer in the headlights look if we asked them about such things as the timeline we should follow, to which vows the particular Justice of the Peace we were going to use sounded best. You are truly more than a DJ, you are a wedding planner!!

You had all of our guests in stitches the whole night. When the first few people were selected by their tribe to play ‘Survivor’, you could tell most of them didnt want to be in the spotlight, but once the game began everyone in that room was fully involved in making sure that their table won. Even the relatives who usually sit in the corner making sure they take full advantage of the host bar, were to busy enjoying the entertainment you provided to over-hydrate themselves. Then once the music got rolling you’re great mixture of all music got everyone out there. And a seven pack of AC/DC??? Unheard of!! Thank You for that!!

Most of our guests told us how that was the best wedding they ever attended and the next morning at the gift opening all complained of how sore their cheeks were from laughing so hard.

Thanks for rocking with us.

Jeff HayPaulette & Sean Brager
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