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FH&P Corporate Event

Hey Jeff!

I just wanted to thank you (again) for a wonderful evening. I have had so many positive responses from those that attended! They LOVED “Deal or No Deal”, and I have had a number of people comment on how impressed they were that you were able to remember peoples names, and that you went out of your way to personalize the evening to us by using nicknames, etc. Survivor was a hit, as well, and people are still talking about how much fun they had (even those who were a little skeptical when they heard that we were “playing games”).

It makes my job as an organizer so much easier when I know that I can just sit back, relax, and let the pros do their work!! Everyone keeps congratulating me on a job well done, but I just have to give credit where credit is due. You were a tremendous help (suggesting a location, prizes (the Ford F350 was a hit!), and your constant communication throughout the evening) and I appreciate all your hard work.

Thanks again, Jeff. It was a pleasure working with you again. Your enthusiasm for everything you do is an example for all of us!

Take care, and Cheers!

Jeff HayFH&P Corporate Event
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