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Kate & Alex

Jeff was great to work with before the wedding, he was there to help and provide us with any help we needed, he made sure that our JP had a good sound system for the ceremony as well as the musician who was playing during the ceremony!

Jeff absolutely made our wedding the most amazing party ever! The dance floor was crowded with people the entire night…and the party could have continued long after the venue closed us down. Jeff did an amazing job of getting people involved after dinner, in the newlywed game, and the survivor game was so funny! The wedding was a blast and everyone, had an amazing time when the music started. Jeff did a great job of playing all sorts of music all throughout the night and everyone made the comment that he was the best DJ they had ever experienced at events.

Jeff was able to help us make our wedding into the event that we were attempting to achieve without any problems!

Thanks again!

Kate and Alex


From a bridesmaid…

Hi Jeff,

So first of all, let me just say you are by far the best dj I have ever had the pleasure to be entertained by!

I was a bridesmaid for Kate and Alex’s wedding a couple weeks ago at Summerhill Winery July 30th. You were absolutely unreal and sooo much fun! I remember there was one time you accused me of not getting low enough; however, in my defense, I was clearly in no shape to be getting any lower at that point in time haha.

Anyways, I don’t know if I’m really even allowed to do this, but I figured I’d try anyways. My cousin just recently got engaged to be married in May in Red Deer, Alberta. Now I know you don’t do weddings outside of B.C., but I thought I’d try my luck and see with you being in the dj world and all, if you might have any idea/recommendations for somebody even remotely close to your dj’ing caliber from around the central Alberta area.

Anyways, just thought I’d ask and if nothing else, I got the chance to say thanks for making it such a fun night. Although what the heck is with 12:30 stop time!! Boourns!Also, you were the dj for my good friend Nicole Sailes back at the beginning of July and she said you were also the best dj she ever had!

Nice work.
Thanks for taking the time to read.

Michelle Mueller

Jeff HayKate & Alex
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