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Aleisha & Lee Earle

Jeff –

Oh what a day!

What can we say about your service throughout the planning of the wedding to the actual wedding day… AMAZING! You asked us what we wanted people to say about our wedding when it was done… “BEST WEDDING EVER!” and you accomplished that. You met and emailed us on many different occasions throughout our planning year, offering suggestions and ideas for our wedding. I felt comfortable asking you about different vendors for the day, knowing you were treating our wedding like it was your own.

When the wedding day arrived and there was a sudden change of location for our ceremony, you were there to greet the wedding party and let us know everything was under control. You had taken care of all the details, and most importantly ensured us that it would be an even better location, which it was.

The reception, you made it (well with some help from our wild friends)! We had so many comments throughout the night saying how wonderful you are and that this has been the best wedding they had ever been to. Not only was the music awesome for absolutely everyone there, but the games that you got everyone into made for such a great start to the evening. By far the “Survivor” game was the most entertaining to watch everyone get into (I can’t wait to play it at a wedding I go to). You kept the energy going all night long. We are so grateful for all your help and your amazing talent.

The only complaint I have about you Jeff is unfortunately you are a Toronto Maple Leaf fan, but Lee on the other hand loves you for that!

Thank you so much for what everyone is telling us was the BEST WEDDING EVER… and really it was!

Jeff HayAleisha & Lee Earle
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