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Jason & Celeste Sklofsky

Jason and I just got back froma long honeymoon, part of our time at my families cabin on the sunshine coast and a week in Maui!!! Soooo nice!

I just wanted to say THANK YOU for everything!!!! We have been talking non stop about the wedding, just reliving all the moments, which you helped to create!! You did SO MUCH wih the limited info we provided for you!!!

Jason appreciates all the help and support you provided for him prior to the ceremony, you can’t imagine how much it meant to him!!! seriously!

Words can’t say how much we appreciate everything!!!!!!!! thank you!

Anyway you should be getting a postcard from us soon!

again thank you so much Jeff!

Love Mr and Mrs Sklofsky (Jason and Celeste)

Jeff HayJason & Celeste Sklofsky
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