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John & Kelly Campbell

Hey Jeff,

Thanks again for all that you did for us at the wedding and making it an unforgettable night on the dance floor.

Survivor was unbelievable and got all of our guests ready for the second part of the reception. One of the highlights was the mixed song that had takes from so many famous songs and got people dancing and singing and having a great time. The treasure chest was also outstanding and our friends haven’t stopped commenting on how great that was. Our friends have given us so many compliments on how that was one of the funnest weddings and how awesome our DJ was.

Thanks for all of your hard work that started months before the wedding. Having us fill out all the information sheets really gave you a great idea of what type of crowd we were going to have at our wedding and what type of night we wanted it to be.
Having you do music at the ceremony and the use of the mics was a huge help in making the ceremony that much more special.

Thanks again!

Jeff HayJohn & Kelly Campbell
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