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Christine & Josh Weston

…Christine and I, and all of our guests really, were very impressed by Jeff’s DJ service. Christine and I had the preconceived notion that Jeff was going to be good as we had met him and spoke numerous times together about our big night. But even we were blown away by what he brought to the table as a DJ.

On our first meet and greet, we were immediately put at ease with Jeff’s amicable personality and professionalism. We also felt reassured in our choice by his grasp at reception party ideas and how the evening should flow. And as the wedding day approached, he helped us many times with troubleshooting ideas for the reception; such as kissing games, keeping the energy level up during dinner and speeches (ie Jeff’s infamous Survivor games) and help with the wedding ceremony music.

As the big day arrived, I really wasn’t focused on our DJ. Once the reception started though, Jeff became the entertainer of the night. Jeff had described all of his ideas to us previously, but witnessing it live was something else. We were so happy to see everyone from both our families and groups of friends from across Canada all enjoying themselves and interacting together. Since we have returned to our normal lives, friends and families have remarked numerous times how good our DJ was! Our favourite comment came from the maid of honour, who said ” Jeff, will you be my DJ when I get married in like 20 years…”

Overall, our wedding was a great day. We are happy Jeff was there as he added a wonderful dimension of fun and excitement. We would highly recommend him to any friend or family member for any occasion, so long as we could come and party with him again.

Jeff HayChristine & Josh Weston
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