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Saisha & Jason Boyce

Hi Jeff!!

We both wanted to extend our thanks for helping to make our wedding the best night (and greatest party) of our lives!

From the moment that we first spoke on the phone, you were overwhelmingly helpful and organized, and an absolute blast to work with! You really made us feel that our wedding was “the” wedding of the year, and regardless of how many other couples were banging down your door, you always made time to chat or offer suggestions about everything from music selection to photographs, dinner, or speeches. Without you, we would have needed a wedding planner to have things so well organized!

From your wardrobe choice (matching our wedding colours exactly!) to the ability to entertain over 100 guests enough that they took no notice of the late arrival of dinner, you repeatedly went above and beyond our expectations. (When dinner did arrive, I think that our guests were almost disappointed to stop playing games and eat! Our families are still raving about the Survivor Game – they LOVED it!) You showed that you really listened to what we wanted and who we were. Our families are still surprised that you didn’t know us beforehand and are asking how we found such a great DJ.

You promised to make our wedding “the best wedding we have ever been to”,and you absolutely did. We can’t thank you enough, and would enthusiastically recommend you to anyone looking forward to a memorable event.

Jeff HaySaisha & Jason Boyce
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