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Jessica & Brian Miller

DJ Haymaker was a fantastic addition to our wedding day.

He met with us on more than one occasion prior to our wedding and took a genuine interest in what we wanted for our wedding ceremony and reception.  He brought great enthusiasm and attention to detail to our day.  He knows people and knows how to work a crowd and make an event flow.  He had many suggestions for games to get people up and moving and while we were a bit hesitant at first we eventually decided that he knew more than we did about what works and what doesn’t and that it was best to just let him do his thing. We had no regrets.

From the “Survivor” game to his supply of goofy hats he was a hit with our guests, many of whom took the time to tell us what a great job he did and how much fun they had. He assisted with countless technical details throughout the day which freed us up to enjoy ourselves.

Jeff has taken the role of “DJ” to new heights and we have no hesitation recommending him!!

Jeff HayJessica & Brian Miller
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