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James & Rita Clark

From our first meeting with Jeff, we knew immediately that we wanted him to be our DJ for the wedding. He was very personable, easy to work with, and came to the table with great ideas and helped us with our vision from the very first meeting. He was excited to get involved with our planning and followed up with us throughout the process. He gave us lots of ideas and a great agenda based on how we wanted our day to go. We provided  him with all the things we wanted to happen that day and he was able to give us a very clear outlined schedule. It gave us piece of mind knowing that our day was so well organized. His templates to get to know us were great and they gave us guidance as to what we needed to get done.

But none of that compared to his follow through. The wedding day was fantastic. It was fun, funny, and all the while it retained its classy, traditional elements. From the actual wedding ceremony to the reception he made sure that things were moving along and that the energy level was always high. Even when we had problems at the reception he helped us find quick solutions and helped us make it so that everyone thought our dancers were suppose to perform outside all along.

Now that the wedding is over and we visit with friends and family who attended everyone says the same thing… “WOW, that was a great wedding”, “Best wedding I have ever been to”, “Definately the wedding to be measured against”  and the other common comment is “Was the DJ one of your close
friends it was like he knew you so well as well as everyone in the room!” Everyone also commented on how fun the games were and how he got everyone in the entire room involved.  His trunk of goodies provided entertainment for the games and throughout the entire night.

Its fantastic that we did not have to worry about anything and we really haven’t even talked about the great job that he did with the music- the main reason we hired him!

We are so grateful that we had Jeff as a part of our wedding team and would recommend him to anyone looking for a DJ who really has taken the job of being a DJ to the next level and wants their night to be a memorable one.

Thanks so much Jeff,

Newlyweds James and Rita Clark
First time we have written that down!!!

Jeff HayJames & Rita Clark
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