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Susan & Scott Armeneau

DJ Haymaker played at our Wedding on June 20th, 2009 and he was amazing!
He kept our wedding guests entertained by keeping their energy up with all the wonderful games played. He knew how to handle the horrid tinkling of glasses in such a classy manner by making guests work for our kisses. Our Wedding was elegant and fun … all the guests had a great time … even family members who never dance at weddings, and we’ve been to many weddings, were up dancing and having a blast! By the end of the night we had so many guests thanking us for an amazing and fun experience.

You know it was a great party when guests who have kids fore warn you that they will be leaving early and then they are one of the last few sticking around. When I asked my friends why they stayed so long they said they were having too much fun to leave and the music was so awesome that they just had to stay and they were sad the night was over.

Jeff Hay is a classy guy, who is witty and sounds great behind a microphone. I am confident he can handle the most challenging of crowds, just as my family was. I can’t say how thankful we are for his expertise and his ideas that we had not considered. Jeff does not disapoint … the only disappointment would be if you couldn’t book him for your special day…

Thanks Jeff for making our Wedding day so memorable and fun! We wish you all the best and we look forward to working with you again in the future.

Jeff HaySusan & Scott Armeneau
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