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Lindsay & Brian

When people ask me what my favourite aspects of our wedding were, I say our ceremony (I mean, we were getting married after all!) and Jeff. Jeff was my second most favourite aspect of our wedding.

Right from the beginning, we knew we were in good hands which immediately put us at ease. Jeff is so eager to learn more about you as a couple and always assures you he is there to simply make this the best day of your life. We got the premium package because it was really important to us to create a memorable experience for our guests and we have no regrets.

If you can, I would encourage you to look at this package to because it allows Jeff to do what he does best. He seamlessly coordinated our ceremony music and created an environment at our reception that cannot be duplicated by anyone. He was witty, spontaneous, and creative and comes by this talent so effortlessly that it allowed us and our guests to enjoy ourselves knowing that all of the fundamentals, timing and logistics were in place too.

I can confidently say that having Jeff on our “wedding team” was one of the best decisions we made.

Lindsay and Brian Bazett

PS.. Jeff, we honestly had a hard time even finding the words to describe how amazing you were but tried to sum it up for others (without writing a novel). We so hope to see you again, maybe at another wedding in Kelowna where we can dance the night away with another funny hat on.

Jeff HayLindsay & Brian
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