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FH&P Corporate Event

Hey Jeff!

I just wanted to thank you (again) for a wonderful evening. I have had so many positive responses from those that attended! They LOVED “Deal or No Deal”, and I have had a number of people comment on how impressed they were that you were able to remember peoples names, and that you went out of your way to personalize the evening to us by using nicknames, etc. Survivor was a hit, as well, and people are still talking about how much fun they had (even those who were a little skeptical when they heard that we were “playing games”).

It makes my job as an organizer so much easier when I know that I can just sit back, relax, and let the pros do their work!! Everyone keeps congratulating me on a job well done, but I just have to give credit where credit is due. You were a tremendous help (suggesting a location, prizes (the Ford F350 was a hit!), and your constant communication throughout the evening) and I appreciate all your hard work.

Thanks again, Jeff. It was a pleasure working with you again. Your enthusiasm for everything you do is an example for all of us!

Take care, and Cheers!

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Jeff HayFH&P Corporate Event

Brad & Crystal Klausing

Right from the first time I called Jeff, I knew he was the DJ for us! Our meetings and conversations felt more like catching up with an old friend! Jeff was always enthusiastic and excited about our plans and full of fun ideas.
Brad and I wanted to have a wedding that no one would ever forget. Jeff was a HUGE part of making that happen. All night we had people coming up telling us that it was the best wedding theyd ever been to and wishing they had had a wedding like ours. Our guests are still talking and laughing about all the reception games and Laura is proudly displaying her Survivor victory picture on Facebook! Even my mom, who is usually in bed by 8:00 pm, didnt leave until the very end because she didnt want to miss any of the action!
We can never thank you enough for all of your hard work and for going above and beyond to make our wedding so special! Brad’s mom wants us to make it an annual event just so we can party with you again!
To anyone considering hiring Jeff, I can guarantee that it will be the best decision you will make! He WILL make your wedding a night that no one will EVER forget!
Thanks again Jeff! Thanks for such an amazing night! The most shocking (and one of my favorite) parts of the night was definitely turning around and seeing Wendy, who has always been my mom’s VERY proper English friend, dancing with the fuzzy purple hat on! And then again to METALLICA!!!! = O I loved it!!
Both Brad and I hope to party with you again soon!

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Jeff HayBrad & Crystal Klausing

Mike & Julie Stanley


Having been to a few of your parties before, my expectations for our wedding were pretty high. We were excited about you being our DJ and the prospect of showing our guests an incredible time. What actually happened on Saturday September 20th 2008 was so beyond my expectations, we cannot even put into words.

From our first meeting, you were helpful and creative. Once the ceremony started, we knew we had made the right choice. Your suggestions and input made our wedding an amazing party from the ceremony to last call.
Every single one of our guests have come back to us and said, “That was the best wedding, I have EVER been too.” We had so many people ask, where we found you and they credit you with being the life blood of the party.

To your prospective clients, we would encourage them to allow you to use your creative side and give you some creative freedom. We wanted to relax and enjoy the party on our wedding day. Jeff would ask if he could try something new, and we are so happy that we let him use his expertise to run the party.

You are a true professional and the master of your trade. We have seen a lot of wedding DJ’s in our life; heck, Mike used to be one. You, are far and away the best I have ever seen or dealt with. Thank you again so much. We feel blessed that you were part of our special day.

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Jeff HayMike & Julie Stanley

TJ & Danielle Weiss

Hi Jeff,

Thank you so much for everything you did for our wedding, Danielle and I had such a great time. The karaoke was awesome, when my brother got up and sang “Hit me baby one more time”, I nearly fell on the floor laughing. I thought Danielle would be a little more surprised when I got up to sing, but she kind of expected it. The interactive games were hilarious and so much fun, especially Survivor, I don’t think we could have had two larger guys trying to sit on my lap at the end vying for the “belt”.

Even I got up and danced (a very rare occurrence) and had a great time doing it as well. Perhaps, Danielle will let me dance again someday.

Everyone we have spoken to has said it was the best wedding reception they have ever been to, and I would have to agree with them.

Thank you again for everything.

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Jeff HayTJ & Danielle Weiss

Leanne & Matt Leon

From the mother of the Bride!

Planning the wedding with Jeff Hay as the DJ was truly the best!

From the early stages of contact I just knew he cared and he would make this the most fun filled wedding possible. Our friends have some many great comments it was the best wedding they had been to in years! The games put everyone in the party mood instantly, the tickle trunk filled with hats of all description were played with all night. The bride and groom did not want to leave there was too much fun!! The hardest part of the night was the end….it was too soon.

We would not hesitate to have “HayMaker” again…..we have two more daughters to go!

Jeff, you really made it the best thank you so much.

The Elliotts…..R&D LTD
Ross, Dolores, Leanne, Tanis & Denise

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Jeff HayLeanne & Matt Leon

Rob & Kristin Landry

Jeff, thank you so much, we truly appreciate everything you did to make our special day the best ever! We will never forget it!

Jeff came very highly recommended by friends of ours who had him for their wedding. They told us how amazing he is and insisted we must book him for ours. We called him up and asked him if he was available for our date and luckily he was. We hadn’t finalized the date when we first called him but when he called us back 3 days later to tell us that he had 3 more requests for the same day we quickly finalized the date right then. After we sat down with Jeff the very first time we were instantly at ease and amazed at how excited he was to do our wedding. We could easily tell how passionate Jeff was about what he does and it definitely showed on our wedding day. He had a lot of amazing ides for songs, games and the whole flow for the night. We knew we were in good hands.

Jeff is the absolute best at what he does and takes a lot of pride in making it a memorable day for not only us but every single one of our guests. We are still getting praises about Jeff from our friends and family, especially my grandparents who haven’t danced like that in a very long time. The common theme we kept hearing was that this was the best wedding they have ever been to and they will never forget it. He goes above and beyond to making everyone there feel like they are a part of it by getting them involved in some way or another. We had so much fun and it’s very apparent in all of our pictures.

I would recommend Jeff’s services to anyone, whether it’s a wedding or a party. He will make it a perfect night. He has a talent that very few have and I hope that everyone gets the chance to experience his services.

Jeff YOU ROCK..thanks again!

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Jeff HayRob & Kristin Landry

Jill & Marcus Rush

Hi Jeff!

Marcus and I want to extend our most heartfelt THANK-YOU for making our wedding day everything we could possibly have imagined… and more!!

When we first met with you 8 months ago, we knew you were the perfect choice. You had so many great ideas for keeping the day (and night) fun, upbeat and entertaining for all our guests and you delivered! From the quiz at the very beginning of the reception, to the Survivor game and even the trunk full of hats and wigs, our guests were entertained the whole night. And Marcus and I are not the only ones to have noticed! We’ve received countless comments from guests that this was ABSOLUTELY the BEST wedding they’ve ever attended and that you are, undeniably, the best DJ/ Entertainer they have ever seen. I think the fact that my 85 year old grandmother was still on the dance floor at 11pm, wearing a hockey helmet, is proof enough!

I also want to thank-you for the extra time you spent with us over the months leading up to the wedding. Your experience and suggestions put me at great ease each time we met. From helping us with an itinerary for the day, to helping us pick music for the ceremony and slideshow, I really don’t know how I would have done it all myself!
I sincerely hope we get to “party” with you again in the near future. And if anyone asks, I will have no hesitations about recommending you for any event!


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Jeff HayJill & Marcus Rush

Richard & Carla Berrie

We can’t say thank you enough for the amazing job you did. Can you say “all the difference in the world”?

We spent so much time thinking about the drinks, decorations, food, venue etc and none of these had near the impact that you had on our wedding reception. We really appreciated all the great advice and help that you so willing gave during the planning process, from other vendor recommendations to suggestions on floor plans and receiving lines etc.

On top of all that your talent as an MC and DJ are second to none. You definitely delivered on your promise that people will be calling our wedding reception “the best yet”.

I have attached a couple pictures that I thought you may like.

Looking forward to seeing you soon! Thanks again !

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Jeff HayRichard & Carla Berrie

Carina & Jason Jean


We really wanted to thank you for all your hard work leading up to and during our wedding day. You provided great ideas and guidance in helping us organize the ceremony and reception. During the wedding day we didn’t have to worry about anything as you made the day run smoothly and made it seem effortless.

From the games to the dancing there was a great energy all night. This allowed all our guests to be involved in the wedding. My personal fave was “Survivor” as everyone got really into it and had a blast. With these touches you made our wedding unique and special from other weddings.

Since we have returned from our honeymoon we have received a ton of comments about how fun the wedding was and what a great job the MC/DJ did. You really made our day one to remember for everyone who attended.

You helped make our day perfect and we really appreciate it!

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Jeff HayCarina & Jason Jean

Rhonda & Jeremy Charest

Hi Jeff,

Thank you so much for helping us make our wedding day the best day of our lives!!
Jeremy and I spent a year planning our Las Vegas theme wedding& from the poker chip magnet favors to the Elvis impersonator and everything in between. The best decision we made though was to ask you to be our DJ!! Without your experience, energy and desire to make our wedding the best day of our lives our Las Vegas theme wedding would not have been accomplished to the full potential.

I remember asking you at our first meeting if you’d ever done a Las Vegas theme wedding before and remember you telling me that you hadn’t; however, what really impressed us was when we learned that you already had the big fuzzy dice and the oversized playing cards&& it was meant to be!

The day of our wedding couldn’t have gone any smoother. We were able to completely hand over control to you comforted by the fact that you shared our vision as to how we wanted our wedding day to unfold.

Throughout the night we had soo many of our guests comment that our wedding was one of the best weddings they had ever been too!! We were even rated “The best wedding of 2008” by the staff at Gallagher’s.

You played such great music that Jeremy and I danced ALL night!! I really put my wedding dress to the ultimate test as I’m sure brides don’t usual blow out their bustle& I blew mine out three times!! That’s how much fun I had!! At the end of the night we still had a room full of guests that would have danced the night away had we been able to.

When planning our wedding we got to make all the decisions&.style of the tuxedos, flowers, flavor of the cake, the food, the theme, the decorations&.every little detail we were already aware of. The only thing we had to do on our wedding day was trust you and because of you our special day went better than either Jeremy or I could have ever imagined!!

Thank you, DJ Jeff Haymaker!! We both really appreciated your DJ services and will be highly recommending you to our friends, family and acquaintances if ever they need a DJ!!

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Jeff HayRhonda & Jeremy Charest