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Rhonda & Jeremy Charest

Hi Jeff,

Thank you so much for helping us make our wedding day the best day of our lives!!
Jeremy and I spent a year planning our Las Vegas theme wedding& from the poker chip magnet favors to the Elvis impersonator and everything in between. The best decision we made though was to ask you to be our DJ!! Without your experience, energy and desire to make our wedding the best day of our lives our Las Vegas theme wedding would not have been accomplished to the full potential.

I remember asking you at our first meeting if you’d ever done a Las Vegas theme wedding before and remember you telling me that you hadn’t; however, what really impressed us was when we learned that you already had the big fuzzy dice and the oversized playing cards&& it was meant to be!

The day of our wedding couldn’t have gone any smoother. We were able to completely hand over control to you comforted by the fact that you shared our vision as to how we wanted our wedding day to unfold.

Throughout the night we had soo many of our guests comment that our wedding was one of the best weddings they had ever been too!! We were even rated “The best wedding of 2008” by the staff at Gallagher’s.

You played such great music that Jeremy and I danced ALL night!! I really put my wedding dress to the ultimate test as I’m sure brides don’t usual blow out their bustle& I blew mine out three times!! That’s how much fun I had!! At the end of the night we still had a room full of guests that would have danced the night away had we been able to.

When planning our wedding we got to make all the decisions&.style of the tuxedos, flowers, flavor of the cake, the food, the theme, the decorations&.every little detail we were already aware of. The only thing we had to do on our wedding day was trust you and because of you our special day went better than either Jeremy or I could have ever imagined!!

Thank you, DJ Jeff Haymaker!! We both really appreciated your DJ services and will be highly recommending you to our friends, family and acquaintances if ever they need a DJ!!

Jeff HayRhonda & Jeremy Charest
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